The Most Popular and Famous Competitions Among Bettors in the World Motorsports

The desire for excitement is inherent in any person. But the more essential aspiration is diversity, otherwise betting development would stop at coin flips. The diversity that the motorsports betting world provides is truly impressive. That is why we have prepared for you an overview of the most popular and sought-after events in the world of motorsports!

Formula 1 – a Championship With a Worldwide Reputation

The history of this competition dates back to 1950, when a set of rules, also called the “formula”, was adopted for racing. Before participating in the championship, the team must pass a test for compliance with the technical regulations and impact resistance.
Teams participating in such championships must use automobiles of their own production, which makes this championship not only a competition for pilots, but also for vehicles designers. At the moment, among the participants in Formula 1, such well-known brands have been noticed:

  • Mercedez-Benz
  • BMW
  • Honda
  • Renault
  • McLaren
  • Ferrari
  • Aston Martin
  • Alpha Romeo

This competition is suitable for those motorsport betting enthusiasts who appreciate the premium class game. The unforgettable pleasure of being part of the world of elite racing cars can bring a good income for those who are going to bet on this kind of competition.

Moto GP – the Perfect Combination of Speed and Grace

This racing championship on special motorcycles is an analog of Formula 1, but is older than its brother by one year and dates back to 1949.
To participate in races of this type, special prototype motorcycles are being developed that are not allowed to drive on ordinary roads, like Formula 1 vehicles.
In 2015, over 2.7 million tickets were sold for the World Cup. About 500 million viewers watched the event on television.
Races take place on a looped track but are more spectacular and dangerous compared to Formula 1 since movement on two wheels is more unstable and unpredictable. Thus, betting on Moto GP competitions can not only be a source of good income but also provide you with thrills.

NASCAR Racing for Real Connoisseurs of Stock Cars

Unlike the above two competitions, NASCAR races are held on tuned production cars, which allows the player to feel involved in what is happening on the track.
NASCAR competition has its origins in 1948 when amateur stock car circuit racing was compiled into one motorsport championship by Bill France.
Every NASCAR race vehicle undergoes special tuning before taking part in the race. Championship rules require that each car be equipped with a steel frame that will protect the driver in a collision.
For Motorsport bettors, NASCAR provides the largest variety of events held each year. Bets on such events, respectively, are widely represented among bookmakers and have high profitability.

Choose Your Path!

As you can see, the world of motorsports provides a choice even for the most sophisticated player. If you are a fan of street racing and tuned vehicles, then choose bets on NASCAR championships. If you prefer elite premium cars, then you will be happy to take part in Formula 1 betting. For lovers of extreme sports and speed, there is Moto GP.
Choose your own path to success!