Motorsport and its Rich History

The history of racing dates back to the end of the 19th century when cars had already begun to become part of people’s daily lives. The world’s first competition was organized by a French newspaper in 1894. Its route ran from the French city of Rouen to the capital of France, Paris. Thus, races from city to city appeared, since special speed tracks did not yet exist at that time. Races became a popular event for placing bets immediately.

Formation of the First Racing Cups and Rules

Due to the fact that the races were held on ordinary roads, this began to pose a safety hazard to road users. In this connection, it was decided to allocate special areas expensively for competitions.
The first such championship was the Gordon Bennett Cup formed in 1900. The driving distance of that time was 550 kilometers. The UK, France, USA, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, and Austria became the first participants in the Gordon Bennett Cup, which testifies to the rapidly growing popularity of car competitions. The first rules of motor racing also arose thanks to this competition and were quite simple. The regulations stipulated the size of vehicles, their weight, and their color. The composition of the driving team consisted of two people – a driver and a mechanic who serviced the car in the event of a breakdown and also acted as a navigator.
Following the Bennett Cup, the Aspendale Racecourse was founded in Australia in 1906. On the basis of the racing track for horses, the world’s first circular track for speed cars covered with cement was created.

The Modern Look of Racing and the Further Development of Motorsports

After the end of the First World War, racing took another step in its development. The European organization of Grand Prix competitions was created, which became the forerunner of Formula 1, which is one of the most popular competitions for betting. Racing in this format was used by car manufacturers as an opportunity to advertise their products to the public. Peugeot, Panhard, and Renault were the first automakers to officially take part in the competition. You can place bets on vehicles designers too!
After the Second World War, the competitions became more organized and regular and took on a modern look. There were organizations regulating the conduct of competitions, such as the FIA, FIM, UIM, and FAI, which are still active. Keep it in mind while placing bets on different events.

Motorsports Highlights

Motorsports include not only speed cars but also all kinds of competitions among vehicles driven by an engine. In addition to the classic competitions, you can bet on the so-called demolition derby, which originated in the 1930s, where participants push their cars against each other until one participant remains. You can also watch the racing of airplanes and drones while placing bets, which is the most modern offshoot of motorsports.
The main feature is the continuous development and change of motorsports, as it is directly related to technical progress. Every year there are novelties in the field of mechanical engineering, which the designers of cars and motorcycles are in a hurry to apply on the racetracks. Thus, we get inexhaustible opportunities for a variety of interesting and profitable betting.