the 4 is for sale 97 Evo 4 GSR $30k

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The 4 is up for sale, $30k or $33k with the trailer.

Includes all spares, racing wheels & tyres, racing seat, brakes etc

Price is firm, no swaps or trades.

Have a look through my show your ride of you are not familiar with it, I have owned it for about 14 years and it is a good all round package.

416awkw 850nm tuned at Keeley motorsport 32psi E85

has run 11.13@132 on 360kw

Won the 2016 QR sprint series best lap on the sprint track 55.9 on 360kw

Has no rust and is fully mod plated with current rego




ported cyl head
1mm oversize FERREA valves
GSC R2 cams
GSC 5041 springs Ti retainers
OEM E9 modified headgasket
ARP L19 1/2 inch head studs
4G64 block +20th o-ringed
Torque plate bored
Plataeu honed
Line bored crank tunnel
fully clearanced
TOMEI slicing baffle kit
modified oil galleries
OEM 4G64 crank polished journals and champhered oil holes
ARP main studs
KING Race bearings
CARILLO Pro H 156mm conrods
WISECO HD 1400 9:1 pistons
Custom baffled sump
MOTEC cam angle sensor
Full Race exhaust manifold
GTPumps 792 turbo
TURBOSMART 26psi actuator

4 inch intake
Custom 3.5inch stainless exhaust

MOROSO oil accumulator

DELPHI blackops 1400cc injectors
custom twin feed rail
Pierburg lift pump in tank
twin Bosch 044 pumps
2 Ltr surge
-10 AN braid fuel line

OSGiken R2CD twin plate clutch rebuilt last year

HALTECH PS1000 ecu



engine bay 8-17.jpg




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I didn't think I'd see this day. What's going on. Moving onto something else?

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Nah mate just lost the passion i guess i am spending my time at the rifle club so hardly even look at the evo these days so best move it on to hopefully someone that will appreciate and respect it

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I know what you mean. I don't want to lose the passion, but I've done 4000k since getting it built and I can't drive it again as it's lost oil pressure.

I'm sick of dumping A LOT of cash into it and not being able to enjoy it. I'm moving to europe for a year to be a digital nomad at the end of this year, so it's going to spend even longer sitting doing nothing. I could be using the cash for the trip.

Good luck with the sale mate. Not many people left that were here before I joined evoOz.

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Yeah that's it, see what happens i don't have to sell so doesn't really matter either way

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