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Water Based "PLASTIC DIP" Paints, Direct from USA

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New Water Based Rubber Paint from USA ALSA Corp. Can be peel off when needed.


I have some in stock now.

Listed price is USD$199 per gallon, sale now is AUD$199 plus freight.

Each gallon gets you, 1/2 gallon under coat (semi-gloss) and 1/2 gallon TOP coat (Total MATT).

Alsa concept; Undercoat covers colours better and will allow you easier review of where the MATT has not been painted.

I have used a $3.50 foam roller kit (one handle and 2 foam roll) to roll my Prado and the results is amazing. I used only a gallon with about 1/2 litre left! Less waste compared to spraying, which will use 2 to 3 gallons! I thin the undercoat by 30% but used the topcoat neat. First undercoat was a very thin roll, covering about 80% only to ensure good adhesion. 2nd undercoat is thicker. 2 layers of topcoat! Took me a total of 5 hours rolling, with minimum of 20 mins sunning the car. NEEDS 70F or 25C. Winter sun here has been warm!

DO TAKE NOTE that being a rubber based paint, it will have a textured finish, not a flat gloss finish.

Photos to be added later today!

Current stocks:

BLACK $199 per gallon

WHITE $199 per gallon

RED $199 per gallon

ORANGE $199 per gallon

YELLOW $199 per gallon

BLUE $199 per gallon

Paint Wrap Color / Base Coat Color

BLACK / Black

WHITE / White

RED / White

ORANGE / White

YELLOW / White


Special Effects Paint Wrap Color Base Coat Color

PRIZMACOAT $699 per gallon / Black

GLOW (in the DARK) $299 per gallon / White

Will be getting some smaller bottles to be sold by 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml options soon.

Here are 2 photos, I must admit at my 1st attempt, this is really good. Uneven in some areas due to disruption while I was rolling it on!



Not bad for a budget roll on job for $200 paint cost! Honestly, not the best paint job, but for my workhorse, it is GREAT!

Cheers, ivan

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Hey Mate, quite interested in this product. Do you have any pics of cars done in the glow in the dark color?

How much for delivery to 7009 (TAS) for a gallon?

Thanks, Luke.

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I googled Alsa Glow in the Dark paint:

The Glow in the Dark is $300 per gallon.

All their listing and prices are on http://www.alsacorp.com/paint_wrap/paint_wrap.html

I am charging their prices without the import cost.

Cheers, ivan

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