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Found 1 result

  1. Sept. 2017 Update: Hi Guys, Our TWIN PIPES are BACK in STOCK NOW! (Small changes has been made to this new mould to ensure better clearances to turbo oil drain pipe, oil sump, transfer case and even stock cross braces with minimum bends.) Freshly made August 2017 in X3E Workshop, individually custom made on an evo to ensure good clearance and fit. Final checks also done on the evo again after all welding work. ONLY AVAILABLE DIRECTLY FROM X3E MOTORSPORTS. TWIN PIPE DUMP/DOWN EVO 7/8 made here in-house in Vic. (evo 9 needs aftermarket cat for evo 7/8) A V-band joint under the oil sump section for easy part removal, especially for gearbox removal for clutch changes, etc! This is not your typical V-band, but same as used on turbo to clamp the turbine housing to core. Unique features of our Twin Pipe: 1. The TWIN pipes section uses 1.6mm thick SS304 stainless steel 3" pipe 2. Some pipes can be just 1.1mm thick SS409 stainless steel pipes! * NO CHEAP MILD STEEL PIPES USED HERE! Some even try to mask their cheap mild steel pipes with spray on rattle can high temperature paint that just burns off upon first use! 3. SS304 12mm thick flange to the Turbo to ensure full seal at all temperatures! 4. Correct flex bend pipe; without the internal mesh that separates and coils up like a doughnut that blocks the exhaust flow! 5. Turbo grade Forged Stainless steel v-band * NO CHEAP WEAK TYPE V-BANDS USED HERE! 6. HIGH QUALITY Stainless Steel MIG welded only! Option for TIG welds are available but cost more. * NO LOW GRADE mild steel MIG WELDS! HIGHER than usual grade of material used to ensure the high heat doesn't affect the performance and ensure long lasting performance! NEW LOWER PRICE is $780 plus freight. UPGRADE with a 6 point UNDERBRACE to STIFFEN up the front end as well as EXTRA protection of the gearbox and transfer case! TRACK PROVEN for just $330! (usual $380) PM me your order, ivan PHOTOS below are the latest August 2017 batch.