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Found 1 result

  1. As some people know i stock the BINARY ENGINEERING Products here in Australia. Mainly the LOWERING SEAT BRACKETS. The Original - Binary seat lowering brackets for the stock Recaro Seats found in Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions VII-IX. These work on all global models of the CT9A Chassis, including: USDM, JDM, EDM etc; any EVO 7-9. These brackets replace the existing factory mounting brackets and allow your seat to be dropped by 1.5 inches retaining the stock sliders. The improvement in driver position IS MASSIVE. The 1.5" drop makes all the difference and creates a true motorsports driving experience. Your eyes will now look directly through the dash and make you focus down the track instead of directly in-front of your bumper. Your arms will have a more natural path to the steering wheel and the shifter allowing you to comfortably perform fast paced motorsports driving techniques. The lower position of the hips will create more clearance for your legs beneath the steering wheel giving you room for heel-toe downshifts, as well as better alignment to the pedals. An obvious benefit is helmet clearance for us tall folks. Overall the car will finally feel like a proper sports car, or even a go-kart, you won't feel like you're driving from a high-chair. These are the original EVO seat lowering brackets ? with hundreds sold and tested throughout the world. These are not knock-offs made from cheesy unfinished stainless steel finish. CAD design. CNC laser cut. CNC formed. Powder Coated. Install with Simple hand tools in under an hour. Create a true motorsports driving postition. Increased helmet clearance More clearance for heel-toe Improved pedal alignment Keeps eyes looking down the track Allows for better turning and shifting response NOTES: A few positions fully forward (for really short folks) are not compatible with the brackets. The sliders end up stopping against the chassis mounting hardware. So be aware of that if you run your seat all the way to the front. People 5'6" have them installed and are still able to use them in their preferred seating position, so it shouldn't really effect too many people. ON SALE FOR: $169 (for the set - Drives Side & Passenger Side) FREE DELIVERY $108 (for drivers side only) FREE DELIVERY These items are in stock and no need to wait weeks for delivery from overseas. JSAI is located at: 238-258 Captain Cook Drive, Kurnell, NSW. Monday - Friday 9:30am- 4:30pm Saturday- by appointment only. For more info or to order please send us a pm, a text message or email. M: 0405 153 290 Email: Web: Please note, The fiberglass and carbon fiber manufacturing process is a "hands on" process which often prevents us from taking calls during business hours. For this reason it is best to send us a text, pm or email and we will get back to you ASAP. We make every effort to get back to customers within 24 hours of receiving a message.