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Found 1 result

  1. Hi guys and girls, We know that a lot of VIII and IX owners would love to keep their 6-speed gearbox but are often let down by the relative lack of strength compared to the 5-speed cousin. They're nice to use but unfortunately don't put up that well with 250kw+ that many of these cars run. The only solution has, up until now, been to "downgrade" to the older, more reliable 5-speed. Well, we have been working on a solution. We've built a couple of these now and they're running reliably in track oriented cars and performing very well. We start with an Albins helical replacement gear set for 3rd, 4th and 5th. These are only available to builders, not to the general public, for reasons I will explain later. (Albins left, stock right) They are a coarser tooth profile with a narrower helical angle, meaning better strength (Albins bottom, stock top). The design also eliminates the strange OEM thrust ring arrangement on 4th. This leads to better support on the shaft, less flex and so on. Made right here in Australia to Albins' usual excellent quality. We then shot peen and ISF the lot. comparison of stock vs. ISF treated Albins (ISF Albins bottom, stock top): We build them to our specs which we keep close to our chest. These are highly customised items and run clearances that are controlled via a sequence of shims on the countershaft. They are not "drop in" items, hence not really sold to the public. We have also made some stronger synchroniser springs to replace the ones prone to breaking and causing gear lockout. And finally, we had a bunch of testing done on the 5-6 hub and sleeve which can be problematic. We thought that we might be able to improve the hardening. The results from the metallurgist were surprising - there was little improvement to be made (none, in fact), by further heat or chemical treatments, including cryo treatment. Their suggestion was that some fatigue resistance improvement could be gained by shot peening the hub and sleeve carefully to prevent burring - which we do in-house. We think we have addressed the key issues that these gearboxes have. So here's the clincher. I need to order 10 sets to get Albins to do a run. They did a run of 10 and I bought a couple, the rest went to the States, so they are sold out and back ordered. I'm looking for an expression of interest to put these back into production. Price fully built in your box is $4,600 including GST. This includes all of the following: - New Albins 3rd, 4th, and 5th gears - New synchro springs (upgraded in-house design) - New 5-6 hub and sleeve - New genuine bearings and seals - New genuine 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th synchro rings - New roll pins and clips - New Dimple magnetic drain plug - Crack tested shafts and gears - Shot peened to SAE standards all gears, hubs, sleeves and shafts - Isotropic super finished (ISF) all gears, hubs, sleeves and shafts - Chemical clean components - Bead blast case - Built to Neat Gearboxes' exacting specs - 1 year unlimited km warranty (some conditions apply for high powered, track orientated cars) - Shipped anywhere in Aus at no extra cost with full insurance (you just need to get it to us) This box is every bit as strong as a strengthened 5 speed. It is not bulletproof (what is?), but is extremely reliable. If you'd like to put an order down, I need a firm commitment. Production will be 3 months away so it won't be until the new year. I'd like to gather a list of anyone who is actually interested in this option and we will work out the details such as deposits and timeframes once we know if we can get it off the ground. Post up, call or email us if you are interested or have any questions. Sam: 0407 698 682 Cheers guys.