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  1. I had a BBK Full on a 2.3, guess the 712 would be the same. Kicked in very quick and very hard, made 300kw's but topped off a bit after 6k rpm
  2. Nice results Jase, boost looks a little slow though?
  3. Here's another one with mine and Jason's, very similar setups. Jason's 2.4 with 26psi and my 2.3 with 32psi. note; this is hand drawn overlay.
  4. Made 413KW's with this turbo today, fuel pump couldn't keep up anymore.
  5. BumbleBee

    Evo 8 & 9 Aluminium 2 pc Undertray

    Sweet, I'll grab one. PM sent.
  6. BumbleBee

    Evo 8 & 9 Aluminium 2 pc Undertray

    Sounds good Ivan, can't wait to get one of these bad boys. I've been busy away with work the past month, will be back in a couple weeks. If anyone in Brissy organises a group shipping, I'll jump in on it. If not, I'll make an order in 2 weeks when I finaly move back to Brissy
  7. BumbleBee

    Evo 8 & 9 Aluminium 2 pc Undertray

    ^ I'm with John, I've got your front/dump setup. Also, would grab one with the Sydney boys group shipping, as long as it's delivered before mid Dec.
  8. BumbleBee

    Evo 8 & 9 Aluminium 2 pc Undertray

    Finally, I've been waiting for one of these, nice work Ivan. Can you hold me one of these, I'll make payment Friday night when I get back home. PM sent.
  9. You just went out and taped up a new wing didn't you? lol. Nah, nice job, looks mint!
  10. Sounds good, I'm in Done - quick link X3E Motorsports
  11. BumbleBee

    Christmas holidays 2012

    So..... you'll be open tomorrow???
  12. Sounds like its worth every penny than. I bought one from Mark the other week, hope to install it with the new turbo this week.
  13. Just got back from GTpumps, and got a ride in Marks car. This turbo KICKS HARD and all the way to redline. good turbo, thanks Mark.