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  1. I know what you mean. I don't want to lose the passion, but I've done 4000k since getting it built and I can't drive it again as it's lost oil pressure. I'm sick of dumping A LOT of cash into it and not being able to enjoy it. I'm moving to europe for a year to be a digital nomad at the end of this year, so it's going to spend even longer sitting doing nothing. I could be using the cash for the trip. Good luck with the sale mate. Not many people left that were here before I joined evoOz.
  2. I didn't think I'd see this day. What's going on. Moving onto something else?
  3. Why is it specifically a bbk you are after. They haven't been made in a number of years now. Plenty of turbos out there that will do the same thing (GTPumps 712). On the other hand you may find a bargain since they are getting a bit old now. They are still a good turbo.
  4. What makes you think 3rd? The sheet says 4th and the speed to rpm backs it up. Just noticed it's actually got a 6 cylinder in it as well.
  5. Here's an Evo 7 valve cover which is the better cover. Good price for a 7 cover as well.
  6. "This is NOT an Evolution VIII MR with a good stable service history of 9 years with a single owner and with the best place for Evolutions in Melbourne" Did you mean to have the "not" in there?
  7. Roger, you haven't "been born yet" until you spend a decent amount of time with an evo building it up to be truely yours. You've been in the evo community for 1.5 years FFS. I'll need to start calling you jimmy. You just buy and sell crap cars.
  8. Not much movement on this thread. Mark do you still recommend these for the track or is there something new that has come out since my last post. Are these what you use?
  9. That was extremely quick delivery thanks mark. Not even 24hrs Can't wait to give these a blast.
  10. Adam, would i be able to grab a bottle of 10w40. Can you pm me payment details Thanks Michael
  11. Ivan, have you still got some oil filters left. I'm after 5 Thanks, Michael
  12. Just wondering if you could give me the dimensions of the battery. Might see if it can fit in an MG