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  1. Oh no, what happened Dean. This kit is brand new. Was it even 6 months ago when you got it. Bargain price as well. You are effectively getting the turbo for free.
  2. What makes you think 3rd? The sheet says 4th and the speed to rpm backs it up. Just noticed it's actually got a 6 cylinder in it as well.
  3. Out of curiosity do you take it pass 6000 rpm.
  4. Marek yes he does. I just bought these last week.
  5. Not much movement on this thread. Mark do you still recommend these for the track or is there something new that has come out since my last post. Are these what you use?
  6. That was extremely quick delivery thanks mark. Not even 24hrs Can't wait to give these a blast.
  7. Stimsoni

    Tuspeed - Royal Purple now in stock

    Adam, would i be able to grab a bottle of 10w40. Can you pm me payment details Thanks Michael
  8. Stimsoni

    Original Mit. Air Filter & Oil Filter, Made in Japan

    Ivan, have you still got some oil filters left. I'm after 5 Thanks, Michael
  9. Stimsoni

    Got this green spark under your bonnet?

    Just wondering if you could give me the dimensions of the battery. Might see if it can fit in an MG
  10. Stimsoni

    Twin Pipe Dump/Down combination pipe

    I'm assuming the boost is a little over the place as there was no EBC, but why is it not getting up to boost until after 5000rpm (it's not really less boost). Not having a go (can't argue with the results), just curious.
  11. Stimsoni

    20G UPGRADED EVO 9 turbo $1688!

    How much will the price come down due to how good the aussie dollar is now
  12. Stimsoni

    DBA 4000 disc rotors

    Thanks mark, Delivery was quick. Looks like i actually might be ready for this weekend.
  13. Stimsoni

    DBA 4000 disc rotors

    Hey Mark, PM sent. Forgot to ask though, what sort of time frame is it send a pair of these out. I always seem to start organising any upgrades right before the next track day Thanks Michael