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  1. Rob, I wasn't going to post pics but you say in your post above "very very good", I disagree a bit and I could possibly recieved one that passed through by mistake.
  2. how is the fitment around the intercooler? do you have gaps between the bumper and lip?
  3. Mmm, the carbon is looking good... painting it would look good but then again it would be a waist of the carbon, half carbon/half fiberglass at a reduced cost could be an option for the future? +1 on gaps around the intercooler area and edges not sitting flush, it's something Rob may want to address to the people cutting the excess off. Rob, please consider making these in PU
  4. My tracking number wasnt showing much either till i put it into the normal tnt site and not using that link from the email.
  5. I painted mine today, a little disapointed that the lip arrived with 2 stress fractures and is a bit wavey.
  6. can't multiple boxes be taped together? 1 bigger consignment is usually cheaper than multiple consignments.
  7. not a bad idea Alex, we could get them sent to Techsport or Chasers (eastside)
  8. Evan, was that 3" between ground and lip at stock height?
  9. will will the pipe have extra flanges so that it will allow for quicker clutch changes? or will it be 1pc after it's welded?