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  1. talk to your tuner / mechanic - but If you don't have a money tree, I would be ceramic coating before heat shielding myself.
  2. Howdi guys Warranty is 12 months from sale Pipe O/D is 45.0mm and thickness 2mm Manifold only is supplied - there is no gaskets etc Pictures as requested Selling fast - not many left Cheers Rob Ultrex Performance BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK IN PERFORMANCE PARTS!
  3. I will take some pictures and post them up over the next couple of days to show the inside Here is a set installed that our IX customer had ceramic coated. We are NOT supplying these ceramic coated as this stage but nice pictures anyhow! Cheers Rob
  4. Our Ultrex Performance Evo 4 - 9 exhaust manifold with EGR is made for us by Asia's leading manifold/headers manufacturer. Many JDM and well know tuning house companies rebrand these exact headers under their own names. Now you can buy these premium quality exhaust manifolds directly from Ultrex and save hundreds of $ for your other mods! These are in stock and ready to ship! Constructed from 304 Stainless steel, no joins in the pipe, these are premium quality. 15MM engine side flange and 12MM turbo side flanges. Lost wax finish. Fits all Mitsubishi Evo 4 -9 4G63 Only $675 plus delivery Can be purchased from here Cheers Rob Ultrex Performance BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK IN PERFORMANCE PARTS!
  5. Jon- That certainly looks like we can improve in that area when we make the next batch. There was mention earlier I think in the thread about the intercooler area. Actually would be very interested to see the exact same finish on the original kansai lip there as well, but yep the rest seems good -but where you have highlighted is an area we can and will improve on Cheers Rob
  6. Calling all EVO X owners --- great looking addition to your ride here! cheers Rob
  7. Hi Guys - sorry for the lack of replies but been overseas for a few weeks. These were the first lips that came out of this mould...we own the mould...made it from scratch - there is no other lips being produced from this mould unless its for Ultrex so there is not alot that have been made by this mould....and the many delays in getting the lip to market were due to us making constant changes to the lip to get its fitment better and better. This is NOT a mitsubishi oem lip....oem from our experience is perfect....any aftermarket lip is not perfect like oem - but I think this one is very very good and thats why I was happy to sign off on production. But its also a very complex lip to make - quite a bit of detail in it. The original lips from HKS were held on by 2 brackets and required drilling...ours are held on by 2 rivnuts using oem holes on your car which we think is a better design. The front section is normally quite a tight fit and from the lips that we tested in Perth (which is every single one) were a tight fit around the intercooler area and were very secure on the Tokyo Motorsports Evo 7 test car. Everyone has different expectations - I am sorry Lam if you were disappointed with its fitment - certainly from the pictures I see it looks great Cheers Rob
  9. And it should be better - I agree - will pm you to sort out.
  10. Hi guys - I cant see from the pictures exactly where it is marked on the lips. But these lips had the inbuilt nuts installed in AUS after manufacture by fitting it to a local evo 7 - so we could get it perfect. The lips are provided primered in flat black and if it is under the bottom of the lip, they may have been scratched whilst in the workshop installing the rivnuts. Whatever has occured - I apologise as they should not be scratched. It is however a primer only on the lip - not a top coat so if you are painting, its easily covered. Please have a good look as if its scratched, we need to have more care taken in the workshop which I can ensure it happens in the future. If its a whiteout - Well then I am at a loss as to that and will inspect some here to find out whats gone on. But please do remember - its the primer coat only in flat black - not a top coat - many people will be happy to install it as supplied - but if you are not happy with the finish, a top coat may be required. Cheers Rob
  11. I wouldnt say not bad - I would say bloody good! Is that the teaser shot? cheers Rob
  12. Hi Guys - normally TNT are excellent for delivery- quite fast - some were sent on Monday and some Tuesday - they would "normally'" arrive about Friday/Monday to the East Coast. But it can take longer. Unusual to take much longer. Everyone should have a tracking number which you can check on line to see where it is OR call them directly for an ETA. cheers Rob
  13. Hi Jon - every lip has been individually tested on a 7 in Perth prior to shipping - Then re wrapped - Sorry if we havent seen the stress fractures....perhaps email me some pics please so I can see what you are referring to. The lips are fibreglass and with any fibreglass they can be a bit wavey. I certainly havent noticed them as being wavey at all in the primer - to me they look very good....but as yours is now painted in a gloss red that may highlight any imperfections more. However if its a problem, best to prepare the lip prior to painting to get it exactly as you want it before the top coat. It will look good when all installed the way its painted in 2 colours !
  14. for those wanting a lip in the near future - please order in the next 3-4 days as I will be away for a few weeks from late next week - so when I am away - nothing gets shipped!
  15. All lips are shipped These will be a regular stocked item