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  1. Who needs a new jack for the track days???
  2. Next batch has arrived gents - Come and get'em kids $425 each
  3. what are the legalities of having large amounts of fuel on the back of a ute?? or stored at home? I
  4. I can't see how we will ever get consensis on these type of issues ! Everyones entitled to an opinion, but there always going to be some cloud hanging over anything any of us do? As mentioned above the straps we're to tight, the weather was hot .........the list goes on. Mark hasn't claimed wild figures like 300kw or anything like the yanks! Now the next person may offer a dyno figure going the other way....... All we can do is look at this info supplied and form our own judgements for future purchasers........ My 10cents
  5. +1 Pete opinions is what counts on the forum when backed with knowledge and correct technical infomation. Cheers Andrew
  6. how much for just the rotors? Thanks, Andrew
  7. whats the current price of these including delivery to Sydney NSW 2116
  8. Hi Guys, I have a few of these jacks in stock post christmas. If your looking for a new jack for the garage that is light weight and easy to operate this is the jack for you. I can freight anywhere in Oz for $55 dollars or you can pick up Cheers Andrew
  9. Hi Brenton, It was $50 to perth and $35 to brisbane so I imagine around the middle of that. If you PM the full address I can call the transport company ad get a quote number? Cheers Andrew
  10. Yep all good mate still a couple left of this batch. Next batch price will be $450 approx
  11. Hi Guys, The box's are to big for Aust posts online quoting system, Simons transport have quoted about $50 to go sydney to perth I'd need your post codes to confirm price 100% and they are take about 4 days to deliver. Let me know I'd they can leave asap. Cheers Andrew
  12. Hey Manny, if your coming to collect you can bring the cash or deposit into the bank account. Details in my Non aligned Vendor thread. Call me when you would like to pick it up they are in Rydalmere. Cheers Andrew
  13. I'll check with Oz post tomorrow and let you know.
  14. The rubber pad is about 5mm thick so I'd imagine unless its going up against a sharp object it would take a while to wear or cut, On my personal one the rubber is not glued so I can put it on or take it off. I'd imagine these new ones are the same? I can open one of the boxes and check if you'd like? Cheers Andrew