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  1. Last person I heard of that had a set of these for sale was Dasha (DashSport & Performance) although he has likely moved them on by now. Worth a try though...
  2. DJD

    Hey David, was looking at one of Dashsport clutches for the 6, has about 400kw, how did yours go ?




  3. Hi Sam, Reviving this thread to see if you've had a 6-speed in the shop yet with 1st to 2nd synchro issues? Your previous post mentioned you had bought some parts to try retro-fitting. Interested to know of any progress.
  4. Hi Sam, Any further info regarding the 1st to 2nd synchro? I have a 6-speed in my ADM IX and I think mine may be on the way out (others in the same box seem fine). I'm in Sydney so do you guys do "package deals" including transport or should I be using a local shop? Looking to see what options I have and start saving my pennies accordingly...
  5. Hi Ivan, Some feedback on the system that I bought from X3E and have now fitted to my ADM IX. One of the reasons I decided to buy from X3E was that your "advertisement" (1st post in this thread) states the following: "PROBABLY THE ONLY CUSTOM BUILT FRONT PIPE THAT DOESN'T NEED THE STOCK CROSS BRACES TO USE SPACERS! (some bending in the front bar is required for better clearance!)" My feedback is that I'm disappointed in this aspect of your product as this statement does not appear to be correct. I took my car to a reputable and highly recommended exhaust shop to have the rear section custom made to fit the twin dump and cat purchased from X3E. There was no way they could get it anywhere near fitting without bending & putting spacers on both the front and rear cross braces assuming reasonable tolerances on the rest of the system (as little as 1cm gap in some places). My car has not been involved in any accidents so is not bent and I have seen others on this thread saying their twin-dumps don't fit without spacers either. I look forward to any extra performance gained through the use of your product as the product itself looks to be of quality but would definitely feel more comfortable if the claim referring to spacers were removed from your advertising. Appreciate your considered response.
  6. Hi Ivan, It appears as though these pipes to fit 8's and 9's are now ready? Can you confirm? I am also wondering are you working through the "list" of people on this thread who have said they want one and were waiting patiently or is it simply now a free-for-all and those that get money to you first are served first?
  7. How do I get myself added to the waiting list? My car is ADM Evo IX with stock turbo. Will be wanting: Twin Pipe 100 CEL CAT to suit (as advertised on Pg 1 of this thread)
  8. Hi Ivan, Seems you are pretty busy at the moment as I still don't see those pics of the following: "100cpi metal cat, This is a longer cat subtrate, 7" length vs the usual 4" length, for a EURO 4 rating" Hope you can get something posted soon. Thanks...
  9. Hi Ivan, On the first page of this thread you advertise the following: "UPGRADE with 100cpi metal cat, plus $280, usual $380. This is a longer cat subtrate, 7" length vs the usual 4" length, for a EURO 4 rating!" Questions,.. 1. Can you please post a couple of pics of these cats? 2. Can you confirm that these cats have the bung for rear o2 sensor? Thanks.
  10. Hi Ivan, Just a few questions. 1. Do you need any extension cable for the front O2 sensor when fitting this twin-dump to an ADM IX with stock turbo? 2. Do you have these in stock for an ADM IX with stock turbo? 3. If no stock currently, how long until you have any? Thanks.
  11. Hi Mark, The equal length pipes affect the frequency/tone of the sound coming out but does it also make it louder meaning harder to pass EPA?