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  1. 98 is leaner than E85?? that is a massive jump from headwork though. congrats!
  2. Here's another nice result Absolutely my favourite turbo for a stock block X right now, assuming you've got E85 on hand 5MT 712GTP turbo GSC S2 cams full 3" exhaust, UICP, AEM intake box United E85, FIC1100, DW300 pump ignore the "Torque Total" plot, I put the wrong setting in the dyno software. It's ~480nM. Toned it down slightly for daily use. ^ Evoscan boost/fuel log from the same pull
  3. Also 300 on an SST is about the same stress on the motor as 320 in a 5mt. Remember the sst is sucking up power.
  4. Tune coming up shortly on a 5MT Evo10, GSC S2 cams and a 712GTP, E85 fuel. I think this thing could be good for 320+, not bad for a turbo that spools up so early Stay tuned kids
  5. OK I have checked these out in person. Photos don't do it justice - the parts look really nicely made. The weave is a real matte dry carbon look, with a black and graphite (think lead pencil) colour. Weave looks nice too, everything I looked at was well put together. and zomg so light! not heavy cloth-over-glass like some stuff is. Saw the rear diffuser, engine cover and radiator cooling panel thingy for evo 10 amongst other things. get some
  6. It's tuned, and it's good I'll let Sam post the results... very finicky getting the boost just right (0.5% WGDC making a 1psi change to boost!) but that was probably the crappy tuner and we were right on the limit of his fuel system. power almost perfectly overlays the stock unit until a bit before 4500 from memory. then leaves it behind. And Mark was bang on with his power prediction. we will get some road logs soon!
  7. Yep results next week! Stupid life getting in the way of tuning cars
  8. ha yep, hopefully have some other new bits and pieces soon too. But I love the local support Mark gives us, so I'll offer all the support I can
  9. Excited to be tuning one next week! SST car, but I'll get some good graphs with spool on the road in 3rd and 4th hopefully, for real world numbers.
  10. Are they fibre/resin over glass or 100% carbon Ivan? Looks the goods **request for full Voltex or Varis copy evoX front bar :)
  11. have tuned a few of these now ... they work as advertised!
  12. I'll put in a good word here - super fast service from Mark, even though he seems to be one of the busiest men on the planet can't wait to try it out!
  13. If I win lotto I'm down for the 4B11 2.2 stroker kit bargain at $5995 then i just need the cyclinder head $4399 cams $789 and springs/retainers $795 The intake for Evo X does look nice though - i wonder what the diameter of the pipe is? doesn't say on their website.
  14. Thanks Nick will call you Monday morning with all the details.