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  1. Bargain, and a great well maintained package. Whats next @gregburrowes ??
  2. Worth a read....
  3. Guys This is just for people posting up in “ Whole cars! Personal sellers only!” We are going to burn the rule book here, and move this section to a more casual approach. EvoOz is not here to be an Agent or consumer watchdog, it relies upon common sense from both buyers and sellers, and any agreement or disagreement is not for EvoOz to be involved in. Your all grown adults, so the time has come for us to adopt a different approach, and for you guys use your common sense when dealing with each other. Further details and advice can be found on the Choice magazine site which is linked below To facilitate this change, starting from NOW, the only Rules here are - $ - You are selling your personal vehicle. You are not a Dealer. You are not selling it for a mate. - $$ - If you don’t want to put the price or the number of kilometres on your For Sale, no drama….. I am sure any buyer will ask you this anyway at some point. - $$$ - Photos definitely help sell your car, we encourage you to post as many as you want. Pictures also generally contribute to more replies, thus pumping your post to the top - $$$$ - No need to post a link in Carsales / Gumtree or Tinder in your thread here…..that’s up-to you if you wish. On the EvoOz Facebook page, if your posting your Car For Sale there, we will still require you to attach the link to the forum here. As the page gets a lot of new threads each day and your thread potentially gets lost to the bottom quick, referring people here also helps keep it pumping to the top. Ultimately it’s your car, you get to pick your sales strategy, and the way it will generate the most interest on the Forum so you get it sold ….Simple ! Good Luck with all your sales and purchases
  4. 326kw and the Hollinger should give the record a real shake.... Nice work guys...and good luck Tommi !!
  5. Well done about under the "pump".. Thanks for your support of the Nats as well mate.