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  1. Mitsubishi EVO X parts: NEW complete EVO X long crate motor, including turbo, inlet manifold, injectors, spark plugs, flywheel & clutch etc. Add oil & its ready to run. Unopened packaging, sitting on the pallet. This is from the last production batch and there are no more Sell $9750 Here's a huge list of parts from my shelves. Everything is clean & in good order but there are too many to include photos. Mods: Please tell me if this not OK. I have photos of everything and I can add photos where required or send them by PM to any enquiries. · · 5MT conversion parts. EVO X parts to assist with SST to 5MT conversion, not a complete list but most of the major items. 2500A218 5MT transmission assembly GSR. Perfect condition, about 30k klms, Clutch pedal assy, brake pedal assy, gear shifter & cables. Wiring Harness Chassis Front 8510A793 $3450. Not incuded: Transfer assy 3800A087, LHF drive shaft 3815A207, ECU reflash, · EVO X Diff assembly w/AYC to suit GSR & MR. $900 · Drive shaft RF 3815A208 to suit GSR & MR & RS. Good condition. $400 · Complete tail shaft assembly to suit GSR & MR & RS. $150 · Carpet, as new fits GSR & MR & RS. $100 · Front X-member rear brace pieces EVO X. $100 · Brake booster. $100 · EVO X 4B11T Complete crate motor from the last production batch. No longer available. . Never opened, on original pallet with original carton. Includes turbo, clutch, inlet manifold, injectors, spark plugs etc. Ready to install. $9750 · CAT back exhaust. Invidia Q300 76mm, 304 stainless steel 1.5mm thick, 110mm tips. Very good condition, as new. Costs $1290. Sell $645 · Stock front sway bar with rubbers. $75 · Stock rear sway bar with rubbers. $75 · Wiring Harness Floor 8510A975. GSR 5MT $450 · Wiring Harness Chassis Front 8510A794 EVO X RS 5MT $400 · ABS Pump 4670A020 RS. $300 · ABS Pump 4670A212 GSR & MR. $450 · AYC pump suits X RS. 3520A046 $650 · Ralliart AWD ECU EVO X RS for Tarmac. No longer available. $650 · Stock turbo EVO X RS done 1,800klms, needs exhaust wheel replaced. Easy repair at GT Pumps. $500 · Stock suspension. 4 complete struts & springs with top mounts. · Stock suspension. 4 struts & springs, NO top mounts. · Mitsubishi Diaqueen LSD gear oil SAE 90. Unopened. 4L · EVO X turbo heat shield. Fair condition, has one small tear · EVO X turbo heat shield. Very good condition. · EVO X steering column assembly with ignition lock & key $100 · EVO X cooling fans assy (attaches to radiator) $225 · EVO X windscreen wiper arms complete. RHD $45 · EVO X GSR & MR LHD brake master cylinder. $50 · EVO X bonnet hinge pair $80 · EVO X plastic radiator support panel cover $60 · EVO X Engine cover, black & red $80 · EVO RS genuine front side mount number plate mount. $80 · EVO X front window winders L&R with electric motors. $75 · EVO X rear window winders L&R with electric motors. $75 · EVO X radiator hose set (3 pieces) $80 · EVO X plastic air duct, directs air to engine oil cooler. $49 · EVO X heat shield for turbo dump pipe $39 · EVO X stock dump pipe $75 · EVO X flexible high pressure fuel line, runs from metal line to injector rail. $95 · EVO X boot battery tray complete with fittings & bolts. $95 · EVO X rear LSD diff centre assy, removed from brand new car $650 · EVO X front LSD diff centre assy, removed from brand new car $750 · EVO X AYC reservoir bottle & bracket $25 · EVO X radiator catch tank bottle & hose $35 · EVO Radiator, very good condition $225 · EVO X RS, GSR & MR side curtain air bags L&R $300
  2. definitely going this Friday. Make an offer or they won't be here on Saturday.
  3. price drops. It's all going to the dump soon! Not interested in arguing on prices.
  4. EVO X RS seats: Front & rear (the rears are still wrapped in plastic) Removed from a brand new car. Make an offer or they go in the Kerb side clean up this weekend.
  5. PM me or call if you have my number: I need the shed space. My new car arrives next week. 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X MR with Targa history • BARGAIN PRICE! Including four spare wheels. • Australian delivered car. CAMS Log book • TMR Performance Parts & Engineering built car • Full TMR/Fabraications bolt in roll cage with CAMS certification. Very comprehensive cage design. • Approved roll cage padding • Velo head restraint seats • Six point harnesses compatible with HANS devices • Improved turbo & exhaust • Latest reliable tune on 98 octane. Beeble Tooned. • Ohlins suspension • TMR/Ralliart SuperTraction front diff • Twin Clutch DCT transmission with SuperSport mode & an extra oil cooler • Very well serviced car. Fluids replaced often & Odyssey battery is one year old • No oil leaks • Multi channel ABS brakes • Climate control air con controlled by drive by wire throttle. Air con is off at full throttle. • 29,110 klms from new • Never had any accident damage. Completely straight with original paint • Stored in a shed under a cover Yes it's an SST car. Yes it works very well in Super Sport Mode. Yes it has the big SSP SST sump for more capacity & cooling. Yes it has an additional external SST cooler that works very well. Yes there has been a lot of discussion on the SST transmission but keep the fluids cool and clean and it works very well & offers 6 gears instead of 5 and lightning fast gear changes. & Yes it is a bargain at $28,000 including a full set of matching EVO X OEM wheels. Yes it is ready to run now