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  1. definitely going this Friday. Make an offer or they won't be here on Saturday.
  2. price drops. It's all going to the dump soon! Not interested in arguing on prices.
  3. EVO X RS seats: Front & rear (the rears are still wrapped in plastic) Removed from a brand new car. Make an offer or they go in the Kerb side clean up this weekend.
  4. Now on fleabay:
  5. Bump Come on guys. I need the space. I just paid $3600 for 6x AO50 in 255 size. Make me a good offer these are a bargain.
  6. I changed phones & lost the only ones I took. Bugger. They filled the guards very well & didn't rub the guards or the plastic guard liner.
  7. Almost new set of 4x Enkei Tarmac Motorsport wheels RC-T4 18x9.5 +30, 5x114.3 in Metal Grey colour purchased new in September 2016. These are very strong motorsport wheels NOT weak tuning wheels. Note the number of spokes that provide strength to the rim. The wheels are in very good condition. As new. No gutter rash or fitting damage. The finish is a dark metal chrome. Like gunmetal without the fleck. They looked very good on my X RS. Cleared the front guards easily at full compression and we rolled the rear quarter of the rear guards and achieved good clearance at full compression. No rubbing ever. They cost me $2670 for the wheels. Grab a bargain at $1700 pick up in Brisbane or $1800 freighted to you on the East Coast with foam rubber disks attached to the wheel face for protection. .That's a bargain for perfect wheels. Also listed on fleabay:
  8. gregburrowes

    2-pc FRONT ROTORS for EVO 5~9, just $780 DELIVERED!

    Hi Ivan, Do you have these to suit EVO X?
  9. gregburrowes

    @ AtomWare - Complete Custom ECU Tuning - INTERSTATE! @

    Is it likely that you can come to Brisbane any time soon, Brendan? I need my tune very soon. It seems to me that this has dropped off the radar. You could try The Brock Shop dyno.,1/ If I don't hear from you, I'll presume that this interstate tuning offer isn't going to happen (but I hope it is)
  10. gregburrowes

    @ AtomWare - Complete Custom ECU Tuning - INTERSTATE! @

    Hi Brendan, Have you tried these dynos in Brisbane? or Bob Romano Performance Come on Brisbane Evo owners, who can you recommend to Brendan?
  11. gregburrowes

    @ AtomWare - Complete Custom ECU Tuning - INTERSTATE! @

    This taking too long, Brendan. Let's get it done.
  12. gregburrowes

    @ AtomWare - Complete Custom ECU Tuning - INTERSTATE! @

    Hi Brendan, It's good to hear that tuning in Brisbane is getting pretty close. Please don't choose the weekend of September 6/7/8/9. I'll be away racing my XU1 and Rhonda will be racing her Mini at Speed on Tweed. Before then or anytime after is fine with me.