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  1. There's a set of Enkei RCT4s on Gumtree incase that's what you're after?
  2. Per the title, I'm chasing the standard exhaust for a Tommi Makinen Edition.
  3. As the title states, I'm chasing a set of Enkei WRC Tarmac Evo wheels in 17 or 18 inch. Please make contact if you have a set you'd consider selling.
  4. Theres a set for sale in Sydney for $2.5K:
  5. If I hadn't sold my X GSR in March, I would have bought these for sure. They're one of my favourite wheels. Good luck with the sale! BTW, do you have photos of the wheels fitted to your car in this particular size/offset?
  6. @jasonvaros and @Stephanie - Gavin is no longer with R&T. He's now in the building game.
  7. @Stephanie- IMG = International Motor Group. They're now called Road and Track Australia and no longer import VIII MRs. They now focus on Lamborghinis and Ferraris...
  8. @jasonvaros - check that link, because it doesn't take me to the Carsales ad.
  9. I can't believe this got no replies. I assume the car is now sold?