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  1. Hay guys long time member here. Sadly it’s time for me to let the beast go! Link to Carsales here https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2004-Mitsubishi-Lancer-Evolution-VIII-MR-CT-Manual-4WD/SSE-AD-6338158 Cheers scott 0412968822
  2. Hay guys just wondering if anyone has a BBK FULL OR BBK laying around wanna get rid off? Cheers
  3. I bought one of this, first of all it's a good quality copy, I have hks intake with apexi pod as well as hks uicp, I have to enlarge the hole fair bit on the box to suit the pod because the hks intake changed pod position. It does not fit with my hks uicp as the snorkel sit far too high with the uicp under it, so end up I cut a big hole on the snorkel and let part of uicp sit inside the snorkel so I can close the bonnet. Otherwise all good!
  4. agree with that. most of contract job like high performence products are likely have raw material sent to China and only enough to make the order. so factories may be able to copy the process or mold but not the material. that might explained why cheap copy are not as good quality.
  5. are they from china? not taiwan,thailand,indonisian or vietnam?
  6. have you ever been to chinese manufactures? to have the conclusion most of equipments are imported i assume you must have done your research? as far as i know after 20 years in imp/exp business between china and oz that foreign owned or part owned companies are not even 5% of total chinese manufatures. and lots of chinese manufatures did invest huge amount of money to design and build their own equipment which is more suitable for local conditions and works the same or better than imported ones. i once bought a german made equipment for my factory over there but the maintenance cost is way too much than it should be and replacement parts are so expensive almost 3 times more than we paying here. end up i changed back to local made product works the same 1/3 the cost and parts are available everywhere.
  7. 2000 years? where did you get that from? and how do you know the equipment is not there? lots of chinese manufatures has most advanced equipment, its not the equipment that matters, its more the QC than anything.
  8. like in everything people expecting everything for nothing, you get what you paid for. but unfortunately some dickheads still expecting they get perfect products for 1/3 of their price. it will never happen!
  9. the Mao time was crazy time, its like when german in Hitler time everyone went into war without even thinking why, same as chinese Mao time, they didnt make products for use on anything they just make it for the sack of making it, it was the dark age for China and if they didnt have that 10 years of craziness China is far more better than what they are now. for my evo i will only use quality stuff regardless where they been made, so far i have to admit jap made evo parts are better quality.
  10. the problem we have in our society is too many gallable people believe what media has told them and they take that as a fact. someone with no knowlage what China is like but ranting on China made quality is shit. and sadly holding on this opinion till their ass grow flowers or some green stuff
  11. you are exactly right! quality control is the hardest part because China has not yet developed a quality/human control system that suits local manufactures. its sad in the way really, i personally have to reject 3 containers from my own joined factory and spent 14 month to make the whole thing right. the biggest problem is core concept and way of thinking is way so different from developed countries. its funny you mentioned "alibaba". lots of manufactures on alibaba dont really care about reputation, why? because they have more than enough orders from all over the world that they dont give a shit if its only a one off job. i once took one of my client to China and showed him some mid sized factories, average employee are around 2000 people per factory. their canteen is bigger than most of factory in OZ. that was manpower! and the factory is running 3 shifts still cant keep up with their orders.
  12. hands up for Evolution9. i personally know 2 companies making fiber and carbon kits for a well known branded jap company. but that jap company just dont tell their customers.
  13. agree with just jdm said about the fact none jap made copies will never be the same quality compare to jap made parts. however i dont know if you guys noticed lots of jap brand are now made in china and they still stand good quality. what i want to say is its not CHINA make shits, it is people want China make cheap stuff so they can save some money. one have to take into account that japan is such a small island compare to China, they will not be able to mass produce large quantities which China can. thats why japan has lots manufactory done in overseas.so they concentrate on quality. China is still at the stage of intensive labouring which Japan has different economy structure. different products for different market. if K-mart or Target all sell jap made stuff then think about your credit card bill at the end of the month. and also take a look around you how many things you use is made in China? what if you replace them with top quality jap made goods ( even super markets in Japan is full of China made goods) can you still afford to live like now?
  14. i always believe supply and demand. if no one willing to pay half the price buying a copy then there will be no cheap copies. manufatures out there producing what people want to buy and most of these factories manufacturing those products dont even know what was it for. they just made to order and guess who bought the samples back to them? all we see on the market is china made shit, but you get what you pay for. just my 2cents.