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  1. You're a major asset to the forum Sam, thank you
  2. Wow! Was the car in an accident or just a hit on a wheel or something
  3. Another flat out day on evo oz! more sponsors obtained for evo nats :)

  4. Just to note, pm's do work. It just displays an error message. We are onto our host about it. Our apologies
  5. Are they still h pattern? Isn't he working at Micks now? Mick just built the new engine for us
  6. Hi, Our evo ii pushes 4th gear out the side of the box. It's a improved production car so it runs a restrictor. It's got about 220 -230kw atw. But runs massive torque. We have dropped the boost to drop it from 250kw which has helped Due to the restrictor it runs out of puff at 5500rpm, due to this we have put longer diffs in it We've only got 2 gearboxes left so we're a little concerned if we break another. What are the options whilst still retaining the standard housing?
  7. Good luck mate! We stand a good chance to win this
  8. I can't count how many evos run the 762gtp as there are so many getting really good results with them .
  9. Love the new layout of the forum