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About Me

Got into motor sport when I was 12 and started rally sprints at 15. Then super sprinting a LA Lancer my brother bought. We got sick of stuffing around with NA motors and bought a VR4 front cut and with the help of my cousin and a few mates the car became a animal in more ways than 1. I raced and super sprinted that car with my dad for many years and had lots of good results in a car punching way above its weight. Then the decision was made to upgrade to a EVO as it was the thing we knew, so we put the LA Lancer up for sale, replaced by a White RS my Dad had bought. we stumbled across a grey ii gsr that was to cheap to pass up. The whit car was destroyed in an accident at eastern creek so the grey car has stepped up to the plate and is now the Improved Production car, grey car has been replaced by a 3E production car VIII, which I will be driving in a few enduros and hopefully a few other events next year

Now though I have 3 small beautiful children with a new wife so motor racing has now slowed significantly and I only do a few events a year and organise driver training days.

Highlights in my racing life include pole and 3 race wins at the last Oran Park day nighter in the ii rs

Race win in the LA Lancer at the Oran Park day nighter. In 2003 I think

Lots and lots of good clean racing with some fantastic and not so fantastic drivers.

Debuting my first ever race at PI and and the last race coming from 31st to 14th in the wet and many more