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  1. I have an airtrek with a built GTA box in it.  Have upgraded to td05 and front mount. With a tune by next up here in BNE.  I need to work on the mapping of the box as I am forced to drive arround in tiptronic mode because auto is near unusable.   

    Can u maybe help with a definition and some advice on what to change in the map.   Would be forever grateful.  For ur assistance.     I am pretty sure my original airtrek box went down to Aldo via Liam for repurposing.  

  2. Got the kit installed. Fits great. Thank You
  3. Check you PM mate. Cheers
  4. Ivan, I am interested in this kit for my evo 7. Are all sillicon hoses included as well as clamps? PM me the price to post to 2170 and how to pay. Cheers Miodrag