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  1. http://www.gtpumps.com.au/evoturbos49.html
  2. EVO85

    In The Workshop...

    Damn, I need that in my life!
  3. Nice work Dan, and congrats on P1 in Clubsprint at WTAC. Recent result from my car with a 2.0L Mivec 762gtp combo running relatively conservative boost. Extremely happy with the turbo thus far.
  4. EVO85

    Inductive COP ignition

    Hi Mark, Do you currently have any COP kit 2's in stock? Thanks
  5. EVO85

    In The Workshop...

    Nice work Sam, didn't even know you guys existed. Might have to have a chat to you sometime soon as I am due for an upgrade.
  6. Recent dyno run from my car. Evo 6 with a built Evo 9 Mivec 2.0L motor: - 762GTP, - GSC S2 cams - Bosch 1700cc injectors - Plazmaman intercooler kit - Full Race manifold - 84mm FP silicone intake pipe with Apexi power intake - Turbo XS 3 inch exhaust - Tuned by Mike Dale Automotive on United E85. We think the muffler on the Turbo XS exhaust is restrictive as the turbo wasn't making huge gains above 26-27psi Even in 3rd gear, the car is incredibly drivable in traffic, and the turbo spools up nicely for a 2.0L, and continues to make power to 8000rpm. Look forward to ironing out a few more bugs, improving a few supporting mods before winding the boost up a little more
  7. Nice result. On how much boost? Edit: Just saw in another thread it was 32psi
  8. EVO85

    EVO4-6 Intake kits

    I'll also be after one of these in near future if available...
  9. Realistically it would be closer to 300kw's atw's on other dynos. My car pulled 283kw's with the standard 6 GSR turbo on SKR's dyno lol
  10. I think a few people get a little too caught up when it come to seek a turbocharger with good spool. We drive Evos, not F1 cars where .001 of a second means everything. What's the difference between full boost at 3600 as opposed to 3800 when it's just a daily driver? Even in a circuit car, it shouldn't pose as being detremental factor. Within reason, isn't the powerband of greater importance? Fact is, and as Mark posted, results clearly show. Admittedly, Catford is a stellar driver and currently he only runs a measily 2 litre. Even for hillclimbs where there are tight hairpins, evidently this turbo is not too laggy for him...
  11. Thanks mate. I just did what was recommended but braked harder with every application. Gotta say, first impressions are very good - these things have some serious bite and feel head and shoulders better than my old RS709's. Cannot wait to run them through their paces at Mallala tomorrow.
  12. Hi Mark, I grabbed a set of these pads from Steve Knight (after buying them from you) the other day and I have just fitted them. Under the lid of the box, it states "pads must be bedded in correctly 5 successively harder stops from 80km/h to 20km/h (do not stop) then allow to fully cool before track work"... I would prefer to bed them in before hitting the track (on the road) and because it would appear that some people have a different approach when bedding these pads in, should I just stick to what is recommended on the box? Cheers
  13. EVO85

    EVO 5/6 Carbon Sideskirt / Rear Bar Extensions

    Kenny, They rocked up this morning. Hope this helps you a bit! They are big bastards! Side skirt: Rear skirt: The plan is to fit them tonight... hopefully i''ll get some decent shots over the weekend when it's at Autosalon.