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  1. Hey Team, seeing if anyone hasa type 5 voltex genuine wing for sale in Sydney before I place an order with Japan. Thanks
  2. I've got a monster sport titanium one for sale Timmy if you're interested
  3. main difference is pretty much +27 will clear the brembos for the evo's so no spacers need. visually, there probably is, but only ever so slightly. (3mm?)
  4. Haha Sambo, just read your sig, back to AUS in 2010 :P, remember to get us some goodies from the states ^_^, I'm sure alot of ppl want them USDM tail lights, haha you'll make a bundle with them =)

  5. What did they have? How cheap were the prices Cory?
  6. but this thread is slwevo's sales thread for the Trust PE TiR Titanium Cat back Exhaust great price btw
  7. I mean Avatar pic :P

  8. Nice PD Mike lol :D