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  1. 2.3 + (larger but I believe similar flowing) Hta73 + 260's here. Responsive but way too small for a stroker IMO. All over at 5,800rpm. Makes 240 at 23psi on pump on a low reader so might just crack 300 winding it up on e85 on a friendly dyno. A 762 might be more suitable but it may still be all over just after 6000rpm? Edit: I should add that that's with a stock (relocated) evo 6.5 air box, dump and IC (with Ralliart pipes). Might do a little better otherwise but not drastically.
  2. Thanks Mark. Would you agree that a 20-30kw increase would be expected for my set up?
  3. Thanks for that. From what I'm seeing, im thinking I would get a 20-30kw increase moving up to the 762. Do you remember what rpm on that set up max power was seen?
  4. @OzEvo9, yeah saw Marks sig, his 258kw gives an indication but different car, different dyno etc. No e85 anywhere close to home and too hard to get on the road.
  5. New to Evo's. I recently picked up a TME with a built 2.3, 73HTA, 260's, fuel mods, 3" TBE (stock dump). Everything else is stock. I got 242kw out of it on 98 at about 22.5psi. Car goes really well for that power but it's all over by 6000rpm and the built motor's being wasted! If I was to add a dump pipe, cooler, pod and more fuel only and run around 24ish psi, staying with 98, how much more could I expect to make with a 762GTP and how much more with a 822GTP on the same dyno? I don't see much talk about the 822, how do stock frame turbo's this size perform on Evo's? I won't be running E85 + big boost any time soon. Also, I won't be doing any head work but would I NEED bigger cams with either of those turbo's?