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  1. The car has only been driven a dozen times or less in the last 5 years so it got harder and harder to justify keeping it. And now with a baby in the family Its finally time to move my other baby on. 137,500 kms $19,999 Details in the carsales link https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Mitsubishi-Lancer-2001/SSE-AD-5836768/
  2. are these full replacement pieces or does it stick onto the stock surround?
  3. u guys still got these in stock for an evo 8? don't suppose ur open on sundays are ya? lol
  4. Do u have any do luck lips for evo 8?
  5. are you able to get GSC cams on their own?
  6. if I'm using an 8MR turbo at the moment, will I still need this kit to fit a 9 turbo?
  7. cool thanks for clearing that up Any chance of an undershot of the Cwest and OEM bonnets? might come check it out this weekend!
  8. wait so is the 8/9 bonnet 800 or 750?
  9. If anyone here is using these with a powerFC i'd love to hear how you went I'd definitely be keen on a set of these once I get my tax return
  10. has anyone who has used these before comment if they squeel alot or not?
  11. how thick are these front and rear? PM Price please