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  1. Wei is easy to deal with and backs his products up 110%, can't go wrong buying from this man...

  2. Only lower bars left REDUCED 4 pt aluminium lower arm bar - $139 delivered 2 pt aluminium lower arm bar - $119 delivered GRAB A BARGAIN
  3. hi guys, we still got alot of 4pt and 2pt lower arm bars available Cheers Wei
  4. what color are u after??? ive still got some stock of gun metal and blue i think, new stock havent arrived yet, havent brought any in until our container arrives which will have around 80 sets in there including long versions. Cheers Wei
  5. dropped to 1600 delivered as requested by owner!!
  6. Yup Everyones camshafts have gone out. They left our shop 2-3 days ago now, most eastern states purchases should see them this coming week. We atill have heeps of stock on evo cams, so contact us if you needing a set of kelfords. Cheers Wei
  7. All Pre order cams have gone out already guys Cheers Wei
  8. Hi, thanks for letting me know, its fine, we supply them wrx cams and he deals kelford wrx cams for us in sydney. hes an authorised dealer as well as he is listed on the kelford website. Cheers Wei
  9. Ill try and get pictures of the turbo...there SHOULD be no shaft play...the turbo is practically new condition, he bought the tomei turbo brand new from us. Customer did not change the turbo because it was faulty in anyway, he changed the turbo because he wanted a BBK lol Cheers Wei
  10. Hi, free delivery offered by owner now Cheers Wei
  11. Hi Guys, evoxx: ARC exhaust is $5999, this is for cat back, not just axle back, this is in stock. Delivery will be around $100-150, the exhaust is pretty big depends on where its got to go to. boris: The arc induction boxes work quite well, got alot of guys using them with good results. It works well just like any pod filter, but it keeps air in the box for immediate flow and delivery, being in a box, it keeps the heat out, with each box with a funnel in the box, it actually flows/sucks air aerodynamically faster. You can use the original duct which directs cool air into their or create a new one. We aalso have in stock the carbing ones which uses a hks filter and suction kit together with a full sealed carbing box. Picture is one of our customers car. Kind regards Wei
  12. 1 x Quad pac sold!! still got few more sets left!!
  13. local perth guys shoud be next day delivery so u should see ur cams on thurs/fri at latest. Cheers Wei