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  1. **20% off all NS400, HC800 & RC09 Pads until XMAS EVE** Sleeping Performance & Mechanical repairs are an authorised Project Mu Australia stockist. We can help you with selecting everything you will need from an OEM upgrade or weekend track set up, right thru to Time Attack or Endurance set ups. Project Mu offer the following pads & rotors to cover most applications: Pad Compounds: - NS400 $139.00 - $159.00 / $109.00 - $129.00 (front/rear for EVO 1 - X) Project Mu NS400 street pads are developed specifically for street use. Guaranteed to outperform OEM pads, NS400 pads are a reliable simple way to upgrade your braking performance for minimal cost. NS400 street pads give outstanding initial stopping power that is of prime importance on the street. Made from Asbestos-free brake compounds, NS street pads have excellent low dust and squeal properties. Use this pad if you like to get the most out of your street car. - HC800 $229.00 - $279.00 / $149.00 - $189.00 (front/rear for EVO 1 - X) HC800 is a premium Performance Street, Race and Rally brake pad. HC800 has more bite than both NS and B-Spec and has excellent fade resistance. Capable of operating at temperatures up to 800°c, this pad will handle almost all serious braking conditions. HC800 is a genuine ‘cross over’ pad suitable for both road and race. HC800 is extremely capable in competition environments so use this pad if you are involved in serious track day, rally etc. Along with temperature capabilities, HC800 is renowned as a ‘drivers pad’ with unmatched driver feel and control. - RC09 Club Racer $319.00 - $349.00 / $279.00 - $319.00 (front/rear for EVO 1 - X) RC09 Club Racer is the new pad from Project-Mu for club racing and rally enthusiasts with seriously fast cars. It is a brake pad that offers the very best in performance, feel and release, whilst staying below the $400 mark! This pad really punches above it's weight and will push aside many other over-priced race pads in many race and rally applications. RC09 It is based on the DNA of Project-Mu's ultra successful H16-03 motorsport pad which is one of the world's best race pads today. Club Racer is the pad to use of your car spends a majority of it's time on the track or in a rally at anything up to full professional motorsport. Available in all shapes and thickness, for Japanese, European, Australian road calipers right through to GT3's and Gallardo's! A full range of motorsport shapes are also available for AP, Alcon, Brembo, Wilwood etc Project Mu also offer replacement pads for upgraded Brembo, AP Racing & Alcon brake kits. Please contact us for further details and pricing for your specific set up. Rotor varients: - CRD slotted rotor $592.00 - $607.00 / $508.00 - $581.00 per pair (front/rear EVO 5 - X) The new Project Mu rotor for the entry level customer looking to improve the look and performance of standard brake packages. The CRD rotors are vented and slotted. - SCR Pro slotted 1 piece rotor $795.00 / $795.00 per pair (front/rear EVO 5 - 9) The SCR rotor is designed to be a cross over from high performance street to track. It is made from high-carbon and alloy cast iron and has an excellent structural qualities resulting in a very stable rotor. The vane design allows large volumes of air to pass through offering more stable disc performance at higher temperatures seen on the track. Along with this, the straight slot (x8) design offers high resistance to fade making this disc ideal for track use, drifting, rally and any high performance application. - SCR Pro slotted 2 piece rotors $1295.00 - $1995.00 / $1595.00 per pair (front/rear EVO 5 - X) The premium rotor in the Project Mu range, the SCR-Pro incorporates all features you will find in a race rotor – packaged to fit onto standard cars. The cast iron has very high levels of carbon and alloy, 8 straight slots and an advanced core vane design resulting in very high heat transfer qualities. Additionally, the SCR-Pro is a two-piece design that comes assembled to anodized billet alloy disc hats making them lighter than EOM rotors. The SCR Pro employs motorsport experience and technology that provides the highest possible heat transfer properties of all Project Mu rotors. The vanes are designed to create additional turbulence inside the rotor without compromising air flow which in turn transfers more heat from the rotor to atmosphere. The disc itself is completed in black chrome to further increase life and resistance to distortion. Ideal for race, rally and drift applications or simply as a premium upgrade to your road car. Project Mu also off 4 & 6 piston big brake kits with multiple rotor sizes and pad combinations. Please contact us for further information and pricing. Other products available: - G/Four 335 Racing Brake Fluid 1L $85.00 100% synthetic brake fluid for high performance driving. With a dry boiling point of 335°c and wet boiling point of 212°c this fluid offers excellent all round performance. When upgrading your brake system, you should always improve the quality of your fluid to match the increased demands on your braking system. - Super 7 Lock Nuts (20 pieces) $189.00 - Racing Floating Wheel Nuts (20 pieces) $299.00 ** Please note all advertised prices do not include shipping. For all inquiries, please call us on (03)97947767, send us an email via or PM via our Facebook page