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  1. I've got ballasts and lots of other headlight parts in Melbourne.
  2. I'm currently wrecking an Evo 9 (stat write off) with a complete front end. I already have a built motor in my 6 TME and considering the E9 motor/gearbox in my girlfriend's E7 GT-A... Option 1: Sell E9 MIVEC motor and/or gearbox, can include wiring loom and ecu for complete MIVEC conversion. ~155k kms. Option 2: Sell E7 GT-A motor and/or gearbox, can include wiring loom and ecu, shifter, steering wheel etc for complete auto conversion. ~175k kms My girlfriend is already content with the way her car is and her interests are more into purchasing property or travelling. She can now drive manual, doesn't really want down time on the car as it is driven regularly even though she has a daily. Yes, indecisive female who has a cool boyfriend who can mod her car for her. Would anyone be interested in either of the options above? Yes, I understand the options can be broken down further ie: Option 2, someone may be interested in a spare motor to build and someone else may be interested in the auto trans etc. Willing to work with people around this as I have accumulated so many evo parts over the 7 years I have owned one. Decisions, decisions. Cheers, - Tim
  3. Hi all, I'm reviving this really old thread.. Polo, i just got my TME and interested in some carbon goodies.. Especially TME front lip (OEM style)? Are they the same as a normal 6? Cannards too? Prices? ETA? Deposits?