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  1. In motorsports, and rallying, when mating components like pads and rotors you dont want one particular product to bear all the wear, I found the rotors were worn appropriatley as I would expect for a motorsport pad that has an good degree of metallic substance in them (better than ceramic that gets hot, stays hot, and warps rotors when sitting still after an event), the wear I saw was what I wouldve expected, so no surprises. We tend to use stock rotors because they are reliable and meet all the heavy requirments that Mits engineers have laid out for them, therefor pretty cheap to replace.
  2. You wont be dissappointed with these pads at all Paul. Correctly heat cycle them, bed them in, cool them down, bleed all four corners and they'll be good. I have to share a story, on the Pikes Peak event I had marked in the pace note on a long right hander that is flat to the boards for about 200 meters, looking out over blue sky the whole time off to the left, shifted to 4th waiting for the next pace note call and I had written it to be "braking at sign for hairpin right!", when I heard the note I looked way ahead and flat in 4th thinking "shit that was brave on the note", I kept my foot into it, and topped 170-odd + ks by the data, and waited till the sign and slammed the brakes and wound it down heal and toeing to first gear for the hair pin and these brakes bit hard and went with it. Now when they put these signs up on this road they do so in the calculation that your doing probably 60-70kph (40mph) NOT at the top of 4th gear nearing redline. It only takes a few moments like that to let you know you have the right equipment, and having brakes and pads you can trust is the first secret to driving fast, because you dont care if your up on two wheels going 11/10th if you know your brakes are going to be there. These brake pads were there each time.
  3. Mark handed me a set of these to test last week at Wakefield. I had the Hawk DTC 70 compounds in the car at the time, and we only had time to change the fronts (we have since done the rears), we changed the rotors to a nely machined set at the same time. These are a very heavy metallic compound so they can take a beating, so much in fact it took 4 sessions to bed them in and loosen the gel material up to start compacting the pad material. What I did feel up to then was excellant friction feel, the pad pressure was equalling the retardation of speed so feed back was right up there with the high performance Rally pads. The pedal was always up to the top of the reach and felt strong at all times. I would have no problem using these in any event, they had a good friction feel where I could run right up to the ABS responsding and hold it there. no doubt even more so now the rears are in. Like a good motorsport pad they are aggressive and will require a solid bedding in day. Id be inclined to put them in at the track for the last couple of sessions and use that to bed them in, then give them a good all-four corner manual bleed once they cool down overnight. A nice aggressive motorpsort pad, they left me full of confidence when it came to attacking the corners, and at Wakefield it left me braking after the 100 m mark on the back straight, but again, the secret will be the bedding in process. You wont be dissapointed. It might be a bit too aggressive for everyday street use, but superb for track day or rally.
  4. Tried that path, with 20 years of racing and rallying under my belt, and had 'track day' heros who would be lucky to have genuine test and setup days under their belt telling me I didnt know anything, because their buddy down the road who used to fit street suspension at a suspension place says differently. And I for one believe that proper suspension and chassis setup and brakes is equal to 'certain amount' of HP. Good topic, but not worth the fights, the 'track day' heros know far more than any of the chassis and suspension engineers I worked with at BMW, apparently, so I keep it all to myself. JD
  5. Yes, it is stuff all. So you buy the Tomei, please. We'll be buying the GTpumps unit. What is 13Hp? - it is the difference between a record setting track lap, or 2nd place. - it is (could be) the difference between a 11.0 flat sec run at the strip or a 11.5. Not often people put down hard figures to back up what they do, Gt pumps, like David Bushur chase the hard numbers for results. It takes mone,y effort and time to do this, and it is what I usually do. Expensive at times, but it gets answers. Sometimes answers we dont like, and sometimes ones we do. How many of you would, if the results went the other way, be pushing how fantastic the Tomei is over the small aussie company? But it is the other way, and kudos and congrats to Mark at GT pumps. A well built unit with an edge. An edge Tomei havent found yet. What is an edge? - it is the difference between a World champion and the name everyone forgets in second. - it is the difference of 1st or 2nd in this case, 1st place went to Gt pumps, and second went to Tomei. If this was a race, and Gt pumps got first place and Tomei got 2nd, and if that is bugger all, you guys are hinting the guy who came second is more important? We know that doesnt happen, does it? If a Holden wins a drag race with a Ford is the Ford the better car because it lost the race (or viesa versa) or do you say Holden won, congrats, beat the ford by 10th of a second? And when people say it is only a 10th of a second so it's not really a win but close, you would have all the GM people say, yes, but then that is now 1/2 a second almost over a kilometer (that's two car lengths by the way). (Caveat: Im not saying Im a holden fan or ford fan, only using it as a reference point.) These turbos are aussie made, and they bumped the big name Japanese brand, you guys should be proud of that, or has the Tall Poppy brigade showed up here also?. JD
  6. Well, I wish people wouldnt be so confrontal. I was over at GT Pumps collecting my rebuilt turbo and saw the figures between the Gt pumps turbo and the Tomei unit and the Gt pumps unit is a strong 13 hp more powerful. Not much you say..? That would mean win or lose whether that be on a drag strip or track. If you have a Tomei you may want to pull the stickers off the car at least, as good as they are, and they are very very good, that alone says a lot for the GT pumps unit which edges it out sufficiently enough. Well done GT pumps. The edges are enough to know where we'll go.
  7. i congratulate you Ivan. I do truly believe you were mislead by your supplier, but your ethics stood up, took it on the chin, stayed focused and moved forward quickly to keep your reputation intact. I applaud your actions. It's not how you act when your in good times and everything is going your way, it's how you act in these times (tough and stressed) that define you as a human. Well Done, and I think you have cemented your reputation rather than damage it. JD
  8. The bottom line is the Walbros they sell that are made to the 255 volume to push more fuel to aid in safe engine running at increased boost run the totally different internal pump action that pushes via metal pump chargers, not the standard design thinner plastic wheel pump, which seems to be identical to the Mits factory pump. More volume requires a heavier design to push the heavier volume through.
  9. Ivan Have you called Jeff at Techsport on this matter and told him that what he has isnt the real deal?, i have to speak to jeff today in regards to Lake Mountain, I thought Id give you the chance to say something to him first before I mentioned it. JD
  10. I think if you wish to keep selling these Ivan, even as a FP unit, everyone is very keen to see where they are at against the real-deal for flow. I think it is the 'final knowledge' on this, and will give you more credibility to go to FP with. Ive got a strong (as all of us) feeling the flow will be less, maybe not less than stock, but not as high and constant as a Walbro. If it is less than stock, then there is areal issue here with engines and their safety. I have a stock pump on my shelf if needed for comparison. JD
  11. 1 - one day in the sun will be fine to evaporate every thing that would smell. 2 - If ANYONE buys any Fuel pump, or if you know of someone that has a fuel pump, simply look down the hole, if you see metal tumblers they are genuine, if you see the small plastic spinner it's a fake - or at least not up to scratch AT ALL. It's longevity will be compromised. 3 - Im very keen to nail the final coffin in this and have a flow test done, then send it out to EvoM and other sites. as for FP: Nail the fuckers! Payback's a bitch!! Those two letters, from Walbro and FP is such incredible evidence. And, just because they are made in the same factory doesnt mean they are of the same quality, remember Walbro own the patent for their pumps, and Im sure they have it locked up tight so no one can use the design AT ALL, that is why they are one of the best pumps in the world.
  12. The Walbro pumps are manufactured under licence for Walbro by T.I Automotive, who also make similiar pumps, it seems, piecing this together, they sell to other vendors, and because they make 'Walbros' pumps, they sell their product as 'producers' of Walbro pumps, using this to sell their own brands, but given Walbro designs' is licenced they can only make the particular design for Walbro, regardless of what they themself make for sale. Hence the grey area, the pumps being sold, although made by the same group, are, in fact, not a Walbro design. Im sure they have many different outlets for their pumps, ie: 'FP', I guess - and it is only a guess - they tell people that they are the same manufacturer that makes the Walbro pumps, but in fact, the internals are very different, and copyrighted. There would be sever repercussions for I.T Automotive, given the litigous style of America and patent ownership rights, should they copy the internals of the Walbro for their own use. As far as Ive searched (just google) we may be one of the first people to decide to get to the bottom and rip one apart and then rip apart a perfectly good Walbro to see the differences, of which is quite huge. I really think Ivan was caught up mistakenly in this 'distributorship'. Where the pumps 'might' be made by the same people who make the Walbro under license, they are of an inferior internal design. I feel they may not be chinese copies, just not the high Walbro standards. Jeff PS: off-topic - Todd, (RU NUTS RACING), that photo in your sig is my old evo 2 I had in North America, that photo was taken in Massachusetts, in Autumn, fantastic car. I sold it to Alex Grabau of DSG whos says it's the best car he ever owned. The front bumepr there was a fibreglass E3 bumper, which didnt fit right being for a regular lancer. It's since had an evo 2 front bumper installed, and looks very different now with arch flares etc. That car got a lot of attention, everyone just gravitated to it, as it was (and still is) only maybe a few early evos in the US.
  13. Ivan seems like a stand up guy, and he's trying his best to get this sorted. I really hope there is a simple explanantion for this and the severe difference between what we know is a real Walbro and what we pulled apart. Although Im the one that rasied this issue, Im also the first one that wants to help him get this sorted, and I offer him my full support. JD