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  1. thank you and great example of a vendor going the extra mile to support the community
  2. great event, if only melbourne had this
  3. bit of a side track sorry but a split dump wont help with transient response, as the split section is only used when the wastegate is open, i.e at target boost. until that point, the split pipe of the "split dump" remains closed. i dont think removing the MAF would change response times either. response times is usually increased through tuning, cams, more displacement, better matched turbocharger compressor/exhaust side, and more ignition timing
  4. Not sure if this is the right space and apologies if it's wrong or a hijack but I'd be interested in ballpark option to replace 6th gear for a taller gear set so that at 100kmh the engine revs around 2350rpm instead of 2620rpm (mine is a stroker if that changes anything? Don't want 5 Spd and don't want to change final drive as I love the 6 ratios. Anyhow I suspect it's mega $$$ or not an option but thought I'd ask