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  1. Used Evo X Okuyama Carbing Frame Brace - sell $80 ( new 280 ) Used Evo X, Ralliart and any CJ Lancer Tow bar Kit with NEW CJ wiring harness - $350 ( new 1200 )
  2. Looking to purchase a Evo X 4b11t Long block to use for an engine build. Dont mind if interstate or local. Thanks
  3. - Date of payment : 28/12/2015 - Amount deposited : $20.00 - Username should be placed in description line : Ricksta
  4. I Just wanted to say a big thank you to Ivan and his fantastic service in which other workshops should take as an example. I got my car serviced as well as new brakes added and the level of detail, care and precision that Ivan showed in servicing my car was like the car was his own. I have taken my evo to a number of other workshops in the past in which the wrong thing has been done to me ( car damage with no ownership of fault, unnecessary part changes, expensive for simple work, poor parts quality ) I am extremely happy that now I can continue to only get my car serviced at x3e with full confidence of workmanship Thanks again Ivan!