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  1. hey resat so when this live tracking unit sms u, do u have to be on a Telstra prepaid sim card for it to work so u cant use ur plan optus sim card so dose that mean u got to carry another fone on u just for that ? thanks
  2. i saw kens car tha other dar when i went to pick up some stuff off johnny and man those wheels make the car look mean ass
  3. just fit it on my car today and fanx to resat for tha finishing touches heheh a lot of ppl said its gonna be loud as but i was surprised that its wasnt loud at all sounds nice i reckon maybe cos off stock cat it might be not that loud and it fits on to tha stock cat and it fits nicely into tha stock hangers and i dun think u need to put a resonator on it as its not that loud
  4. WOOO HHOOOOOO heheh at last i get some noise happening lol
  5. hheheh we like lil kids waiting for some lollies
  6. yeah i can't wait as well so i can get my ecu flashed
  7. hey resat any news on our exhausts yet if its on the boat on tha way here hahah
  8. so its 540 for cat back ? and it bolts on to tha stock cat hrmz.... when u thinkin of gettin it resat
  9. hey resat have u gotten a price for the cat back just wanna know so i can get the money for it
  10. hey resat i want a cat back not front pipe
  11. put me down for 1 can u ask how much is it if i just get it from cat back fanx