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  1. Boostin Juice Performance is holding a HUGE OPEN DAY at our shop premises in Wetherill Park. We have spoken with our close suppliers and businesses and have managed to secure some UNREAL DEALS for those there on the day. Team Wild Speed will be there with a MASSIVE pop up shop and a HUGE array of parts available for all makes and models. Everything from HKS oil to MISHIMOTO radiators will be there and lots of specials will be announced for those in attendance. GTpumps performance turbochargers will be setup on the day with their class leading turbochargers for Mitsubishi's and Subarus. Make sure you get the opportunity to speak to the brains behind the operation. There's a reason why all the top performing cars run Mark's turbos! Intima Performance Brake Pads have announced that they will be there with their full range of stock for everything from brake pads for your daily driver Yaris through to super high temp track pads for your GTR. Intima have been a big supporter of our business for a long time and their products speak for themselves. We all use them on our cars and recommend them for all applications! Track Day Club are going to be here with a stand to show off the trackdays they have on offer. There will also be special pricing on the day, as well as invaluable tips and tricks for getting the most out of your car at the track. With almost half a century of track experience between them, the Track Day Club are certainly the ones to talk to about going FAST! Safely, of course! OZGRIP TYRES will be there, showing off their huge range of street and high performance tyres, as well as track wheel alignments and tyre specials on offer. Quality tyres at amazing prices - what's not to love? There will also be a TONNE of cars on display, including 4 of BOOSTIN JUICE PERFORMANCE biggest builds, along with the famous Bosozoku Skyline and Honda NSX from Team Wild Speed, a very quick EP3 track car and S15 Silvia from Intima Brake Pads, a 9 second nitrous weapon Ford Capri and a big power R32 GT-R from Incar Racing, a few awesome dedicated race cars from Track Day Club and lots more! All visitors are welcome to see what we do and talk to our expert team about any automotive queries they may have. There will also be prizes and giveaways on the day for different catagories including best presented, most outrageous and more!
  2. We have a huge amount of stock here at the moment that we are trying to clear at discounted prices. Call us on (02) 8798 7618 for more information. ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE To suit EVO X and RALLIART: Hyperflow 3" front/down pipes USED - $60 HKS front/down pipes USED - $75 HKS front/down pipes NEW - $100 Invidia long front/pipe with 100 cel cat USED - $300 EVO X stock upper intercooler piping USED - $50 Bonnet vents (plastidipped but white underneath) USED - $75 for all 3 Ralliart/EVO X steering wheels with airbag and all buttons USED - $400 Leather door panels with switches USED - $200 for the set of 4 Heated seat switch USED - $20 HID Left hand head light only USED - $400 Mmcs fascia USED - $50 each Rockford fosgate factory speakers USED - $60 set of 4 Sony speakers USED - $100 set of 4 Rockford fosgate factory amplifier USED - $50 Ralliart rear diff (RS rear diff with different hat) USED - $900 Transfer case USED - $750 Parts to suit EVO X only: Hyperflow EVO X catback exhaust - $400 Plazmaman intake pipe USED - $100 MRT split dump pipe with decat portion (mates up to most catback exhausts and still has cat body so looks factory ish) USED - $450 EVO X rear diff USED - $350 EVO X MR Bilstein shocks with Eibach springs USED - $300 Parts to suit RALLIART only Hyperflow Ralliart catback exhaust - $400 Ralliart intake including airbox and rubber piping USED - $75 Ralliart stock intercooler and piping USED - $75 Sportback red tinted tail lights - $50
  3. Coming to the end of the year, we have some stock that we are looking to move and have reduced prices! Boostin' Juice Performance 3" split dump pipe for Evo X stock frame turbos. Proven to make a lot of power over the stock units and even gains over other open mouth brands. Lighter than stock (almost half the weight) and they all come ceramic coated to help keep bay temps a little lower. Usually $799, NOW $730. Here is a stock turbo e85 result with our split dump and test pipe: MAP cast manifold - Evo X stock frame. These are one of the best manifolds available for the Evo x, with big gains over stock in both spool and power throughout the rev range. This is an easy upgrade when you are changing turbos. These also are not prone to cracking like the stock ones and they fit under stock heatshield! Usually $980, NOW $920. AEM Wideband UEGO. Everybody knows these are awesome and we have a whole bunch in stock at great pricing! Get a hold of your AFR's and know what your car is actually doing. This is the first modification we recommend to all customers. Usually $330, NOW $270! AEM Boost Gauge (30psi max). Keep an eye on boost with these tidy units. Usually $265, NOW $220. Boostin' Juice Performance 100 cell high flow cat for Evo X. Straight bolt in. Comes painted flame proof black and has a single rear O2 bung (option for adding another bung - $30). NOW $300 Boostin' Juice Performance test pipe for Evo X. Straight bolt in. Comes painted flame proof black and has a single rear O2 bung (option for adding another bung - $30). NOW $200
  4. Now I wouldn't call this a modification, but a customer of ours brought his car in with what we suspected was a head gasket issue - oil was milky and it was pushing coolant on boost. What we actually found was even worse. Check out the picture. Not only was a nut and washer left off a cylinder 1 head stud, all studs around cylinder 4 were not even finger tight in the block. The head is toast and the block needs to be checked for warping too. Customer was not happy to say the least...
  5. Going away for the christmas break? Don't know what to get that special someone for christmas? We will be running a couple different promotions over the next 6 weeks in the lead up to christmas, minor service with 39 point safety inspection starting from $99*T&cs apply Want to freshen up your sst? Full service from $590*T&cs apply Want to get more out of your car? We have packages to suit all budgets . Full evo x bolt-on kits available for ralliarts. Want your car running cooler? Come grab one of our ralliart intercooler upgrade kits. Gt pump turbos in stock, aftermarket manifolds! Got a built motor? Garrett gtx turbos in stock, custom split dump pipes with or without screamer pipe. Want to run the jungle juice (E85) we have everything you need to make it happen. Huge clearance on new and used parts. Everything must go. Message us and see what we have available for your car. #4b11t #boostnjuiceperformance #auscj #evooz #evolutionoz #evolution#tunedbysam #sst #kozmic #ralliart #whatareyouwaitingfor
  6. Found a whole bunch of random stuff in the shop that we need to get rid of. Brand new parts: - Ak racing (same as hyperflow) dump pipe - $400 - OEM foglight delete kit x2 - $200 per set - Centre bumper piece - $200 - SSP oil cooler kit with pump x2 - $700 per kit - Carbon single a pillar gauge pod - $80 And some used parts... - MHI FP turbo (20k km old). Inspected by Mark@GTPumps and given the all clear - $1800 ONO - Garrett GTX3582R turbo (5k km old - no shaft play) - $2500 ONO - Fullrace stock frame manifold - $1000 ONO - CBRD stock frame manifold - $1400 ONO - Starter motor - $150 - MAF pipe adapter - $90 - Centre console with leather lid - $70 - SST shifter surround (piano black) - $40 - A/C control surround (piano black) - $50 - Door trims (soft touch with piano black spears, will throw in dash spears to match) - $200 - Black rear tail lights - $120 per set - Rockford sub (can also supply full system including amp and speakers) - $100 - Colour dash cluster x2 - $500 each - Suede/leather rear evo x seats - $50 - Evo x injectors (good for xr6 turbo) - $12 each shipped Also have all motor accessories, brackets, bolts, interior and exterior plastics, heatshields etc... Too much to list but we need to clear some of this shit out of here! Give us a call on 0435 035 407. We are open Mon - Fri 9:30am - 8:00pm and Sat 9:30am - 1:00pm Boostin' Juice Performance Unit 2, 2 Verrell Street, Wetherill Park NSW 2164
  7. Thought I'd start a thread with some photos of weird shit and just general funny "modifications" we've found on cars over time. Here's an "upgraded" fuel pump assembly we found in a customers car. Said it was making a rattling sound sometimes when cornering... Fixed unit on the right. Yes the original was snap tied in a million different ways.
  8. Now I know a lot of people believe these twin clutch gearboxes are as fragile as glass, but this is not completely true. In theory, the gearset and gearbox casings are extremely tough and should be able to handle up to 1000hp with no need for upgrades. However, there are other areas of the gearbox which leave a lot to be desired. I will go into further detail regarding these areas in other topics, but here I will discuss some of the issues associated with the Mechatronics unit, or more specifically - the valve body. As with all automatic gearboxes, the TC-SST uses a fluid control system to move clutches, shift forks and cooling fluid to the clutches. When the valve has problems, it can catastrophically effect the operation of the gearbox and cause multiple other parts failures inside the box. The valve body core itself is of cast aluminium construction, machined to create the bores and surfaces on the unit. The bores contain valves that are operated by electronic solenoids on the TCU half of the Mechatronics unit and these valves are machined hardened steel. Issues arise when material becomes caught between the valve and the bore, which has the ability to either damage the soft aluminium bore - causing leakage - or jamming the valve in the bore which causes a whole host of other issues depending on the particular valve in question. Maintenance is a huge factor in lifespan of valve bodies, as reducing the chance of damage to the valve body from stray materials will obviously statistically reduce the chances of valve body failure. For this reason we recommend changing the fluid and filter every 20-30k km maximum for street cars and 2.5-10k km for hard driven cars or race cars. We had a car come in that we had performed a build for, including a 10 plate custom clutch setup and Kozmic reconditioned shift fork 4 - however we had found no reason to modify or replace the existing valve body as it was performing well and holding pressure prior to the build. The car drove well for a period of time before the owner contacted us and advised us that the car had become almost undrivable and lost even gears. We knew the shift fork was not responsible for this, so we received the car and began testing the valve body for failure. It became apparent that a valve had become stuck, causing the car to lose even gears - but more concerning was that the valve we found stuck was also causing the odd clutches to not properly disengage. The car was driving in 6th at 110kmh on the highway when the failure occurred - thrashing the car did not cause this failure. As you can imagine - having the odd clutches partially engaged while the car is in 6th causes significant heat and will eventually destroy the odd clutches. Here is a photo of the Mechatronics unit complete prior to inspection: Here is a photo of the valve body completely disassembled for inspection, including valve removal: We had removed the entire gearbox in anticipation of finding destroyed clutches, and boy did we ever. The even clutches remained in perfect condition, however, the same cannot be said about the odd clutches.... I'll let the photos speak for themselves: We have seen many, many different failures from Mechatronics units and I will endeavor to keep this thread updated with the different failures we have found over the years. If you have any requirements for your Evo X, whether it be a manual or SST, feel free to contact us anytime to see what we can do for you! Regards, Sam BOOSTIN' JUICE PERFORMANCE 0435 035 407 Unit 2/2 Verrell Street, Wetherill Park NSW 2164
  9. Hi guys and girls! Some of you already know us and what we do. Here's a little intro and history for those who don't know. I've personally been a part of this forum for a while and ventured into starting my own business on the Evo platform back in 2014 and we were lucky enough to secure an awesome shop at the end of 2015. The business has since spread out a little into other Mitsubishi's and older evo's too, but our primary platform remains the CZ/CY/CX. We do all major work including tuning on Ralliart Colt, Pajero and Triton models too. We have very close business relationships with a number of shops in the USA, including ETS, MAP and Kozmic, being our sister shop. We are Australia's only licensed installer and distributor for all Kozmic products and had the privilege of being invited to the USA by David and Eric for a one on one technical conference for all things twin clutch. Needless to say we have picked up a whole host of tricks and secrets on our 12 day stay with Kozmic. Here are a few photos of what's been happening recently at Boostin' Juice Performance and we will be keeping you updated on what's in store for the future! The SLO20T race car getting some love: And the new and improved SST and engine building room getting all cleaned up: Contact details: Boostin' Juice Performance Unit 2, 2 Verrell Street Wetherill Park NSW 2164 Ph: 0435 035 407 Ph: 0478 800 443 E: E: W: currently under construction F: Operating hours: Mon-Fri 9am - 8pm Sat 10am - 4pm Sun By appointment only
  10. This is some good news Sam! Looking forward to seeing some guys abusing these!
  11. Tuning another Ralliart

  12. Organising apparel for the Nats!