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  1. Yeh that's all fair enough but I want more than 3-400..... That's why I'm interested in the spool characteristics..... Right now in looking at this, ef4 and dunno if it exists yet but I'll be inquiring about the fp zero
  2. since some time has passed....are there any more results on sppol compared to a black?
  3. Apart from the diff and shafts.....what else does it come with to fit a 6??
  4. no i meant about that dyno graph, u got 300kws on what fuel?
  5. so can u make the 9tme 20g? can u pm me prices on 20g and tme 18g and tme 20g
  6. i had the 18g in my evo.....and to be honest its a waste of money.....stock turbo is better my 18g was from gtpumps and lasted 23000kms......
  7. only for evo 9???? what about the 6? do u sell cams seperate?
  8. didnt think ud say anything to that! fukin hopeless:lol:
  9. what about all the other gaskets? like oil feed and copper washers? how much all together????
  10. how much would it be if the turbo was already done to a 18g spec???? if i sent it to you? how long would it take from melb? im frairly interested cos that 18g hasnt lasted long and doesnt flow enough