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  1. Sorry to revive this, what are the main size/s I would need to do the majority of my vacuum hoses around the engine bay?
  2. These rotors are bloody terrific, had them on for the last year, done several events and is also a daily driver. I have complete faith in them and slow me down pretty quick from 180-190 at the 100 meter marker at the end of the back straight at Baskerville Raceway.
  3. Will be waiting for more stocks of these. Is it possible for another bung to be welded in for a second o2 sensor, or is it better to use one of the cats mentioned a few pages back for that?
  4. Sorry for the thread dig, again. And sorry Mark, but this is the thread I was supposed to post in. I was in a rush and accidentally posted in the wrong thread for the wrong item. Do you have any of these left in stock by chance? or were they sold out a while back?
  5. Sorry for the thread dig, but are these still stocked by chance? EDIT: Posted in wrong thread, for wrong item.