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  1. Now on the hunt for Evo X front calipers also. Is it possible for mods to edit my thread and add the X brembos to my title please? Thanks 😊
  2. Hi Guys as the title states looking for Evo X enkei's MUST be mint condition. Prefer rims only if possible.. Thanks! Mick
  3. Header size is also what plays a big part in response/power made down low.. Larger diameter runners hurt down low but breathe better up top.
  4. DAMN! Wish i had the coin to do this ATM! Didn't Sheptrans/Jacks etc use the Albins gears n their 6 speed builds?? $4600 is a damn good price though ☺ Forgive my ignorance but is there a torque/power rating on these? I love the 6 speed and definitely feel the 5 speed is a "downgrade" I have a 2.3L stroker kit sitting in my workshop and a EFR 7670 setup thats almost built.. Would this handle the 400 - 420kw i hope to see?

  6. Nice work Ivan Amsoil is great stuff! I ran my skyline on it and have used it in the evo and they both LOVED it!
  7. Haha yeah you read my mind Mark! Im running a DW320 in my car Tim. Benny caught my AFR's creeping into the 12's so he left it at 23psi. Car made 307kw up till she started leaning out a bit just over 6K from memory. Gunna throw a 416 in my car and finish it off soon
  8. Id post up my graph if this site would let me again I ran outta fuel pump though so unfortunately its not "all in" as im only on 23psi
  9. I stand corrected lol will post up my results on the 712 soon as i get it on and running
  10. It sure is 712 is 71mm and well the 73HTA is self explanatory lol. Turbine wheel is also smaller on the 712 i believe. I know it is for sure on the FP version unsure about Marks version. Looking forward to picking my turbo up off Mark tomorrow afternoon