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  1. George, congratulations on opening up a shit storm. I'm wasn't going to play into your little rant but after seeing everyone else back me up I'm going to jump in head first. And I will say this; Do not, under any circumstance attack someone without giving them a chance to defend themselves. Your claims are utter bullshit. Let's debunk the myths shall we? 1) Never did I say it hasn't seen the track or hasn't been driven hard. 2) The link to my (very public) instagram you put up is correct. But you should do some research. Happy laps are limited to highway speeds. I've never seen more than 160-odd km/h in it. Ever. 3) It's an Evo. If you want a car that's been driven to church on Sunday, buy a Corolla. 4) Your close source clearly doesn't know me. I'm quite possibly once of the most honest sellers out there. Ask anyone who does actually knows of me to confirm. I have no enemies. 5) You specify the drags. Why? In my ownership of this vehicle it has never seen a drag strip. It has done probably 50 laps of QR and 30-odd at Lakeside Raceway. See above point about speed restrictions. 6) I did a PPSR check on it when I got it. KMS have never been wound back since being registered in Aus and I will happily provide the Vin number (which is readily available on Queensland Transport rego check). 7) I have never had a Japanese rego check done and was not provided with the de-reg papers. Nor have I ever stated that I have now, or have ever had them. I have also encouraged any potential purchaser to do a de-reg check. The Vin number has also been provided to a reputable Importer that is not a friend of mine for a 3rd party assessment. 8) One does not buy and modify a car with the quality and attention this has had to simply mask bullshit. This has been built to get me the car I wanted, with no other considerations made. 9) It is YOUR responsibility as the BUYER to ask any questions that are specific to YOUR scenario. I will never hide anything about this car, I have no reason to. However, I also will not go out of my way to write an essay to try in a futile attempt to please someone who isn't interested. Every single potential sale is treated on it's merits alone. 10) Enough bullshit, next time you have an issue with someone you don't know. Perhaps don't mention it on a public forum without considering how you will look in the eyes of others. Many people on this forum are familiar with either myself or my car, and will 100% back everything in the points above and the original posts. Kind Regards, Aaron
  2. G'day Nick, It is a JDM model, brought into Aus in 2013. I'm the 3rd owner in Aus. I have never had the de-reg papers nor proof of kilometers except for knowing the wear and tear on the chassis being extremely low and having had everyone that has worked on it tell me they believe the kms to be correct. The kms never bothered me when I bought it as I had bigger plans for the car however I wouldn't mind in the slightest if someone brought me proof of otherwise. Cheers
  3. It's with a heavy heart that I list my absolute pride and joy for sale. I have been on the fence about selling this car for months and have advertised it and removed the ads once already (not on EvoOz). However, the time has come to pass this on to the next loving owner. This car is currently not listed anywhere else because I got tired of stupid phone calls last time from people with no money or no idea. So without further ado, here's the details; 2000 Evo 6.5 Tommi Makinen 97,000kms Maintenance: Timing belt, water pump, accessory tensioner, diff bushes - all done 95k and all genuine Mitsubishi items. (invoice provided). Clutch: Brand new NPC 280kw-rated clutch fitted at 96k. Super easy to drive with, not heavy at all (invoice provided). Suspension: MCA X-R 8kg coilovers fitted last year. Done maybe 3k kilometers on them. (Invoice provided) Wheels & Tyres: 17x8.5 +30 Volk Racing/Rays Engineering TE37 Bronze. Made in 2002. Reasonable condition. Some rash on all wheels. Shod with 235/45-17 Advan AD08R with 90% tread. Brakes: DBA 4000 series T3 front rotors. Forza FP3 front pads - Maybe 2k kms old. (Rear is stock). Goodridge braided brake lines all around - fitted at same time as coilovers last year. Paint: Bloody amazing for the age of the car. Performance: Car is basically stock. Has a turbosmart IWG-75, runs 16psi. Factory exhaust, factory everything else. Extras: ECK coil on plug kit with carbon mount plate. Not currently fitted. Was saving it for the tune next year. Dryden Motorsports coil and cam position sensor covers. Rego: Until Mid-December. Plates 51RCP (Sir CP) included in sale. Price: $29,000 Negotiable only for the best quality reach-arounds from your mum. In all seriousness, Everything is negotiable, just don't be stupid. Location: Brisbane This is a very well known Evo in South-East Queensland for how tidy it is and how reputable the workshop is that spins spanners on it. More pictures to follow in the coming days. Feel free to pm me any questions you have or pass on my details to anyone who may be genuinely interested. Cheers, Aaron - Ph: 0408 342 809