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  1. who would have thought , after months of looking found one today on Fleabay just now and bought it mods - please delete
  2. anyone got one around or has a suggestion as to finding one ? cheers , Rob
  3. can't help Stefan , i'm getting a standard one with the TME but its going back on! making stock again
  4. Just bought a TME 😍so decided to keep them for TRACK DAYS !!!!!! will close the thread
  5. Bumped someone grab a bargain - 8 good track tyres and track wheels with $300 worth of pressure sensors in them !
  6. Bump - need the space , four track wheels with four good tyres , pressure monitors inside , 4 spare tyres , still have the paint inside the tread , not heat cycled , little used as sold car not long after cheap cheap cheap $950 the lot
  7. bumpity bump ! make offers please , great track tyre and wheel setup
  8. bump - another discount .... $1,100 wheels and tyres with $300 pressure monitoring system inside for free $500 for the 4 tyres
  9. Bumpitee Bump ... Crazy Robs Tyre and Wheel Bargain Sale Price reduction to only $1,200 for great Wheels , great Pressure Read Out System with RE55s with little wear . use Octopus Grip for extra life and you're set for plenty of track days Reduction in price for the 4 tyres to only $500 ..... little wear also Don't miss a Bargain !!! take the lot - make an offer... the Man Cave is full and I need the space
  10. Clearing up the man cave and have 4 stock 9 wheels fitted with Bridgestone RE55 with plenty ( 4mm ) tread . Also , four extra Bridgestone RE55 with approx 4mm tread the wheels are in great nick - one had gutter rash which I touched up and looks fine . Bonus !!! The lucky buyer gets the tyre pressure monitor system fitted to the wheels together with the dash mount display - cost over $300 . (The wheel sensors may need new batteries- not sure 🤔 ) wheels , pressure system and the RE55s fitted , asking $1400 the tyres - asking $600 . Will do a deal if you take the lot ! Situated at Padstow- can arrange collection from The Rocks ps missing my Evo
  11. that is a great price . cheaper than the overseas ones . i put them on and they make a major difference to brake temps . go for it !
  12. i have a kit fitted and it seems to work quite well . can show anyone interested on satday . the tube at the front is just held to the mesh with cable ties . i painted it black so you dont see it . my kit didnt really fit into the round 9 holes . i read somewhere that brake temp was tested with one duct on and one off and there was a significant difference sie to side after a session . i have a temp guage and coud maybe use it on my brakes and another group car without the kit after a session and log the temp difference . the price is ok too , the usa delivery charges are as much as the kit itself and you're avoiding that buying here . its all good . [ never had a problem on lock ]