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  1. it's alive.... IT'S ALIIIIVE

  2. counting the days......

  3. counting the days......

  4. Do want....... bloody motor rebuild.......
  5. Thanks Jason, purchase experience for the Rocker Cover was excellent.

    Cheers Graeme


  6. Interested pls PM payment details mate Evo IV
  7. members are advised to NOT purchase/order anything from resart until further notice. He is not logging on nor responding to PM's from Admins/Mods so his Vendor status is under review and Damo will announce up on that soon.
  8. Change the filter AND the oil at the same time.
  9. They are located in slacks creek south Brissy mate give them a call.
  10. Yes the IV does not come with Brembos, do you make them for std IV brakes mate.
  11. Ivan are you making these for a IV by any chance as the title suggests.
  12. Damn these are hot, my fav rims for sure, what sort of off sets are available.
  13. Give them a call perhaps guys
  14. ^^ I think you will have to call guys
  15. can you get Evo IV ones at all mate