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  1. yeah I guess, weird that it nose dives just before 5000....... mine tops out about 145 in 3rd but that is at 8000........
  2. 762 on mine made 363kw @ 26psi and 392kw @32, the 792 (sorry Mark I wasn't aware it was not properly released yet) holds power much better up top (>7000) on my combo
  3. for what it is worth the 792 is night and day difference compared to the 762 on mine
  4. my 762 results on a harsh dyno 25/32 psi dip up tom is the car moving on the rollers 32psi torque

    EVOX 712GTP turbocharger

    Brad has one on his MIVEC 2L it works very similar to mine on the 2.4 on non mivec would be a bit laggy I think
  6. ahh yeah I just did a 2.3 with S2s and a 762 it was a mad combo
  7. be a tad laggy on a 2l as well
  8. decided to go for gold and try a 34psi run, not a bad result from a mad turbo
  9. 3rd gear run don't forget started at 3000rpm, plus I have oversize valves now as well
  10. here is a 30psi VDR I did last night, is very rich up top so needs some tweaking
  11. guess I should put mine here as well 2.4 Long rod, 9:1, GSC R2, united E85, GTP 762 on 26psi
  12. here is a back up run on another dyno for comparison
  13. some 762 results 2.4 motor united E85 26psi bugger all timing