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  1. 2005 Evolution 9 - 122,000km - Freshly rebuilt engine. New 0.50 genuine pistons and rings. ARP Stud kit. Nitto head gasket and gaskets throughout. Crack checked crank shaft. ACL race bearings. New water pump and timing belt kit. Standard cams. - EFR7670 kit with T4 twin gate Full Race manifold - HKS Intercooler - HKS Carbon TI Catback - Emtron KV8 with all sensors and EGT’s. Flextuned. - New genuine R35 GTR coils - New ID1700 injectors. - Gearbox recently rebuilt with RS gearset with Carbon synchros and HKS 4.11 final drive. - ATS Carbon Hybrid Front LSD, RS Crown and Pinion. - Radium surge tank and 2 x DW300’s and single feeder. - Ohlins RTV suspension with custom springs, whiteline swaybars and rear strut brace - Evo 10 calipers with Dixcel 2 piece rotors and spec B pads - Advan GT 18x9.5+29 with AD08R’s 265’s - Bride Zeta III seats in the front. Stock evo 9 seats in the rear - Voltex Front street bar with oil cooler upgrade, under diffuser and cannards - Voltex side skirts - Varis rear diffuser with extensions - Voltex Type 5 rear wing. - Ralliart gear knob No swaps or parting out.
  2. To all members and vendors, As a part of our changes to the vendor policies, all previous threads in this section have been moved to the Silver Vendor Section The Gold Vendor Section will contain subforums for each particular Gold Contributing Vendor
  3. Hakan, Your access has expired. You will need to deposit another $20 for selling access. http://www.evolutionoz.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=22742
  4. Guys, Due to the lack of action relating to the above noted thread, action has been taken to remove the thread from the public forum until Reshaat replies to my PM. To all members involved who have left a deposit, if you would like a refund, contact Reshaat directly. If the request is not granted, please contact me via PM. The above noted thread will not be reinstated until I receive a suitable explanation from the Reshaat.
  5. Follow the link below: http://www.evolutionoz.net/forums/index.ph...mp;#entry563000
  6. Got mine today. Very schmick shoes!
  7. Thanks Andrew. Looks like an animal of a kit.
  8. Andrew, please list a price for the kit.
  9. Im pretty sure Mark meant to link this one: http://www.evolutionoz.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=34755
  10. It would also be worthwhile to ensure the unit has backup battery and can also sms the owner if the primary battery is disconnected.
  11. Which dyno Jay? Hills aka Disney? Most of the people i know that ran mark's 20G are now banned forum members so i doubt searching will find much... Both of whom haven't even cracked a 12sec 1/4 mile nor a trap speed above 110mph, since i last heard. Lukes car put out 230atw@ISMR with GTP20G and camtech cams on 1.7bar. If the GTP20G was so special, yanks and japs would be placing orders for them now.
  12. The AMS core is a direct replacement of the stock core. It fits stock piping no problems. Two bolts that hold the mesh onto the bar need to be removed and the undertray needs to be trimmed to suit. No cutting of the bar is required.