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  1. To all members and vendors, As a part of our changes to the vendor policies, all previous threads in this section have been moved to the Silver Vendor Section The Gold Vendor Section will contain subforums for each particular Gold Contributing Vendor
  2. Guys, Due to the lack of action relating to the above noted thread, action has been taken to remove the thread from the public forum until Reshaat replies to my PM. To all members involved who have left a deposit, if you would like a refund, contact Reshaat directly. If the request is not granted, please contact me via PM. The above noted thread will not be reinstated until I receive a suitable explanation from the Reshaat.
  3. Damo


    Best to PM him regarding specific prices.
  4. Im pretty sure Mark meant to link this one: http://www.evolutionoz.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=34755
  5. Which other bolt on turbos are you referring to Brett?
  6. Which dyno Jay? Hills aka Disney? Most of the people i know that ran mark's 20G are now banned forum members so i doubt searching will find much... Both of whom haven't even cracked a 12sec 1/4 mile nor a trap speed above 110mph, since i last heard. Lukes car put out 230atw@ISMR with GTP20G and camtech cams on 1.7bar. If the GTP20G was so special, yanks and japs would be placing orders for them now.
  7. Will these be ok to use with the factory manifold? ie Ti nuts to cast manifold
  8. I think it would love an E85 tune and 25.5psi. Thats for sure!!!
  9. 22psi and 98ron is def the question. I have seen 230atw@IS with lukes car and that was at 24psi