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  1. Why not just put the price in the thread in order to save the hassle of everyone PM'ing? Unless ofcourse it is by special order and fluctuates according to the aussie dollar..
  2. it says for 7/8. i assume for 6spd 8mr its the same? how much heavier is the feel to stock? does it have the same "give" as the stock clutch or is it touch and go? it either bites or stalls?
  3. what other brand/type rims can you get? i may be in the market in a few months...
  4. sorry to hi-jack but you wouldn't happen to have any evo 8 do-luck style lips in stock?
  5. Can we purchase this turbo for evo8s? What is the price for it? Much gain to be had over 8mr turbo?
  6. as grant said above, those rims in a dark colour would be nice. i want sometihng aggressive offset for my 8mr.. id like advan rs if possible haha or maybe some work emotions. can you show me some prices?
  7. thats a great price with tyres. can you do any other sets of rims with tyre packages??
  8. these still available? fit an evo 8 mr? can u supply with box + how much extra is it? do you guys recommend this intake?
  9. wouldn't it have just been easier to post pics of the lip originally rather than sending a pm out to everyone?