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  1. This is the correction factor applied. For example if the number is "2.74" it means a correction of +2.74% has been added to the raw measured power.
  2. We don't have spark plugs at this time. We focus on products we produce however we may add other products later.
  4. Link to our online store below.
  6. You won't need a aftermarket manifold to actually make 300wkW however response it greatly improved with a tubular manifold.
  7. I run the 762 on my TME 2.3. Don't know why you would think it's over just after 6000 RPM? No comparison between the 73HTA and the 762 on a 2.3 the 762 is a much bigger turbo. 762 is good for 350wkW. Hey Jason, Could you go into a little more detail regarding the differences between the two turbos? Thai the 792 is only available to selected existing customers at this time it is not released for general sale. It has a different compressor wheel to the 762.
  8. We have a few customer with 712's on strokers however I don't have any specific results I can supply apart from the response is awesome and they top out around 320wkW. Like Tim said check out the RTR results.