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  1. Yes, Full kit by Gates; - 3 x Gates blue racing belt kit plus; - 5 oils seal (camshaft x2, crank, oil pump, balance shaft) - Tensioner Pulley - Idler Pulley - Balance shaft pulley - hydraulic tensioner $495 delivered. PM me your order. Cheers, ivan Cheers, ivan
  2. Yes, just slide over and pull hard to lock it in. You will feel it click in (lock in). The adaptor's sides will lock the wiper in and be very hard to remove unless you pull very hard down-wards. Cheers, ivan
  3. Hi, Fronts are usually 24" and 18". Rear is 18". These are usually replaced as a whole. However, you can replace just the rubber insert as similar to traditional wipers. $38 for the fronts 24" and 18" delivered Australia wide worth $13! Cheers, ivan
  4. Cable ties were used here as the lower lip tabs are not as stock and being a track based evo too for fast removal if necessary. Only 5 philips-head bolts to unscrew to drop the rear section. Only 6 philips-head bolts to unscrew to drop the rear section. (7 if you have stock intercooler as there's a bracket for it too) Total Only 11 philips-head bolts to unscrew to drop the whole tray.
  5. Stock update: 7 kits in stock only. Once these run out, we will not be re-making these. Cheers, ivan
  6. Yes, only Bronze in stock, Open Ends. $168 for 20 pieces with FREE REGISTERED DELIVERY! You can make your payment via EFT; X3E MOTORSPORTS BSB: 033385 A/C: 551620 or PAYPAL (credit card via paypal) info@x3e.com.au Will need your full name, address and contact no. Thanks, ivan
  7. Same prices. Front $280 Weight 2.25kg. (stock steel without MCS is 3.3kg) Rear $180 Weight 950g. PLUS freight, best to use Fastway Couriers or Couriers Please to business address or if home, someone has to be home most times. Average to NSW is about $25 registered, QLD; $35 for Brisbane and outer areas about $55. WA; $40 for Perth and $70 for other parts of WA. Cheers, ivan
  8. Yes, seal kits are in stock. PM me your injector size and model. Cheers, ivan
  9. Hi, Yes, one set in stock only. 1100 with plug and play adaptors for evo X. $750 delivered. Cheers, ivan