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  1. Thanks Jason, purchase experience for the Rocker Cover was excellent.

    Cheers Graeme


  2. Big thumbs up to Mark for getting "Traqmate Complete" to me in time for the current sprint series up here in the deep north, Gotta say this is the greatest thing for a club racer, allows me to go back over the day's events, in depth & see where improvements can be made for nxt time. Can now get serious with the new MCA Coilovers, just fitted to the car & see where the set-up can be improved. Also makes cool videos
  3. You've gotto learn to drive it first.

    Awsome car

  4. Brendan, take me off the list also, can't get time off & going in new direction.
  5. Brendan, definately interested in you weaving your magic on my VIII. I would need to know definate dates, with a bit of lead time, as I would have to arrange Hols. & drive down from Townsville. I presume I would need to swap the Ralliart ECU out and put back in the standard ECU for mapping, is this correct? My Mods are as in my sig., would you expect any great improvement over the Ralliart ECU, it currently makes 216AWKW & 408Nm on low boost 1.33 tapering to 1.27Bar, this is on the Chassis Dynograph on my Blitz I-Colour, don't know how accurate this is though.
  6. Guys I got one & it is no problem,:D:D, just gotta learn how to use the video remote, got some great video of the Start Line, up to the launch. :oops::oops:
  7. Can testify to this, replaced mine @ 46K with Ralliart Ceramic clutch & love it, just have to adjust driving style.