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    As we have moved to a paid vendors system, it is no longer appropriate that this forum remains active. As such, sometime on Thursday 1/10/09 this forum will become READ ONLY and vendors who have not taken up some form of paid vendorship (Platinum/National/State) will have their free vendorship revoked, and their 'vendor' titles removed. The forum will remain READ ONLY for a period of three months. This will allow existing topics to still be browsed, however former vendors will need to be contacted via PM during this period. All existing vendor contact details will remain posted in the 'Vendor Contact Details' forum, before expiring vendors have theirs removed. The Non Aligned Vendors forum will be deleted in it's entirety on New Year's Day, January 1st 2010.
  2. Nathan, will you sell individual rims? I've got gold RGII's in 18 x 9 plus 29 but one has a bit of gutter rash.
  3. The world's fastest track Evos are in Japan, no question. The world's fastest drag Evos might be in the US, Oz and NZ... but that's not the focus of the Japs is it? If they put their mind to it, and cared, I reckon the Japs would own it. It didn't fit because it was poorly made - they got the bend angles wrong because it was 'handmade' by a human rather than by a machine. Considering it cost almost as much as the Cusco, I thought the workmanship was crap. Heasmans were appalled! As stated, it was being fitted to an ADM model, but I suspect it wouldn't have mattered as that subframe assembly is identical JDM & ADM. No doubt it's harder the farther up the tree (pardon the pun) you go, but from my experience drag racing is pretty basic to do competently. I've only been twice (once with this car) and I shaved more than a second off my opening time in only 4 runs. I dont think I coulda gone much faster than the 12.99 I ended up with.... maybe a 12.6 with a better 60 foot. We'll have to disagree there.
  4. And watch the Christmas tree Mick. And push the 'go' pedal. Dont forget those key ingredients. 5 to 10? Geez Mick, you stay in 3rd and 4th a lot then! I'm thinking a lap of Wakefield is a good 18+, Eastern Creek probably 25.
  5. Haven't got it done yet, had family & business issues this week and couldn't give up the car for a week. There's quite a bit of organisation getting a car to Sydney and getting home from where I live. It will get done before Evo v STi, and it will be a Tomei. Not a slight on Mark's turbo, as i've spoken to him about it previously and i'm sure i'd be happy with it, i've just chosen to do a Tomei build up on my car and this turbo and manifold are part of that. I dont have a guilty conscience, but if that's directed at me i'm happy to answer it: I personally didn't ask for dyno results at all, I wasn't too fussed and still aren't. I'm sure we can all agree that a skilled (and/or shady) dyno operator can show you whatever you want to see imo. I will, however, defend why people love JDM gear. I've owned both an ADM Evo, and a JDM Evo x 2. Whilst all Evos are great cars, I can state with absolute certainty here that a JDM one is that little bit better. I would never have believed it until I bought one, I used to argue with a JDM-owning mate about this all the time when he had JDM and I had ADM, but when you drive a JDM they just feel better. Whether it's a smidge more power, the better trim finish, the tighter seats that grip oh so much better, the cool JDM-only features like the auto up power windows & fold in mirrors, the way things just seem to fit better when you modify, the HID's.... in isolation, they're minor stuff. Collectively, they make a better car. Once you've owned a good JDM model, you wont go back. As for parts, I tried supporting an Australian company in Whiteline when I bought sway bars for my ADM car. You know what? They didn't fit! Heasman's in Sydney spent an entire day (!) trying to get a front sway to fit, and it simply wouldn't. Eventually, they had to shave it on a grinder! You know what the problem was? Poorly made, but they didn't have another one on the shelf to replace it, so I would have had to put my stock one back on, pay the HUGE labour bill, and come back down a week later and do it all again when Whiteline pulled their finger out of their arse and made it with some f*cking care. So we shaved it, closed our eyes, and put it on. Now when it came time to do sways on my JDM MR, I didn't fuck around and went straight to Cusco items. And they fitted perfectly first time because an automated robot makes thousands of the bloody things and the last one is as good as the first one. The same thing happened with a HKS Kansai airbox I bought - wouldn't fit properly on my ADM model, even after having to.... massage.... it with a band saw. And it still wasn't a perfect fit! Now when the JDM arrived, another HKS box, perfect fit in 2 minutes. No bandsaw. So I reckon there's a feeling amongst a LOT of guys on here, particularly those that have been burnt buying ADM & US stuff that hasn't been too great in the past, to just stick with the JDM performance gear. Including the car. I cant speak for anyone else but I haven't seen people putting Mark's turbo down as such, at all. If they have, they need a kick in the arse. All I am saying is i'd like more than one piece of evidence before we shut the door on the Tomei. JDM stuff is usually pretty damn good. I knew I shouldn't have bought in here, i've (unintentionally) pissed too many people off. Damn you Mick & Andrew, dont encourage me next time haha!
  6. You can, i'm just saying until we see some more results it's not the be all and end all of the subject. Some people are making out like it's all done & dusted based on one result.
  7. Mark, you've taken my opinion the wrong way - I know you personally and know YOU wouldn't fudge a result. Do I know Tenagah personally? No. Do I know the voracity of their dyno? No. Their tuner's ability? No. Do I think it's good for both of you that the figure's higher? Of course! That's why you posted it! Would you honestly post & crow about it if you lost the comparo? Probably not, and I wouldn't blame you. This is YOUR forum and it's absolutely your right to post what you want as you see fit, i'm not questioning your product's ability at all, i'm just surprised there's so much questioning of the Tomei's potential over a single result when I wasn't aware Tomei backers were putting scorn on other turbos - especially yours. Maybe I haven't been reading the Tomei threads too closely lately.
  8. Ok, well here I go. I cant believe people are arguing about 13hp! One back to back test, at a workshop that's a rep for GT Pumps! No offence, but it's in both Tenagah and Mark's interest that Mark's turbo produces a better result. Would one expect anything different? Am I the only one who's living in this reality? I think Mark produces a fine turbo, and props to him for at least getting someone's dyno result up and posted - which is a lot better than those spruiking the Tomei have done - but i'd like to see a truly independent test & result.
  9. Lots to say here, but will bite tongue. I will say that anyone who's settling on a turbo based on a single dyno run at ONE workshop has gotta have their head read. On a different day, at a different workshop, the result could and probably will be reversed. Mark's clearly got an impressive turbo, but it's not to say the Tomei's poo either. 13hp is SFA.
  10. question: if you're buying and paying for them now, why wouldn't they be the same price midyear (or at least VERY close) if they're still the same shipment and just sitting on the shop floor? btw, 255/35 is the best fitment for 18 x 9 +29 if you want a rolling diameter that's closest to stock and thus throws your speedo out by the least amount. Just roll and/or shave the rear guards, they fit even when lowered. 235/40 looks weedy as on an 18 x 9 wheel and imo leave half the wheel hanging out the side as gutter bait.
  11. With all due respect, for the price quoted you shouldn't expect perfect fitment nor carbon quality. There's a quotation about peanuts & monkeys i'm sure we all know. It's the same story with GTSpec front lips versus Ralliart lips. Perfect fitment, no carbon fibre milkiness, came with all the correct plugs and screws. I figure it's a 50K car, do I skimp on the trimmings? But Ivan's selling a lot of these to pretty happy people so perhaps i'm in the minority.
  12. Andrew, now that Nats is over I want one of these, PM me your bank details and i'll get onto it.
  13. keen.... will let you know once i've done that measurement mate.
  14. lol, but seriously 20G buyers expect more information than you've posted! Is it a Blouch and thus sourced thru Pro Speed Racing?
  15. I'd like to see lots of scantily clad women, and what i'd like to do to them i'll leave to your imagination. In all seriousness, friendly promo girls are a must.
  16. yeah I might need another pair of these soon, can you pm me a price please Chris?
  17. that's an excellent price for an excellent wheel.
  18. moving air con isn't that straight forward - the wiring is essentially cut to size and from what i've read it's a real hassle. i'd leave the air con right where it is, get rid of the double DIN head unit, and split the area for both gauges and a single DIN stereo. plus, gauges are meant to be front and centre and providing you with easily viewable vital info, so moving them down there out of your eyeline seems a bit daft unless they're purely for blingy wank value only.
  19. will think about this..... new alarm is on the to-do list.
  20. What kind of issues? PM me - they're not the kind of issues you may think. My understanding is it's not a supply nor manufacturing issue.
  21. Alan, obviously this is just carbon fibre look and not real carbon at that price? Please post full details.