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  1. pfft you guys don't have a clue about marketting Everyone knows that to sell now in this environment you need something with Eco and SEX it in! So my sugestion is "ecoS3X" (ecoSEX) eco: this is obvious - eco/environmently friendly etc (add some speel about the back-up batteries used in the device or the saving to the environment if it prevents your car being stolen and torched) S3X: Satellite Enhanced proteXion I chucked the 3 in there to make it awesomely cool and desirable for the nerds
  2. You'd think WA only might mean umm Western Australia ONLY! Why does he now have to explain what WA only means? It probably isn't worth their effort packing the shit up and sending - it isn't their core business, they are a workshop!
  3. :shock: geez Rob, is this allowed to be sold on an EVO site?
  4. Ryan, Your piccies look gunmetal whereas Peter's look black! Is there Gunmetal and Black?
  5. nice Wei. but LOL the guys with yellow cars are gonna bitch
  6. and let us know who it is so we can have a laugh (and stir)
  7. yeah mirrors are nice! I imagine a special cable run need to be done for the 'indicator' ?
  8. you said 'could' that is very different to 'would' hence DJ's statement!
  9. yes they do have different prices - i reckon it is good that VisionR and JustJDM advertise theirs!
  10. probably a bit late for a lot of WA peeps on the forum Brendan - shame really as it would have been a great option 6 months ago even
  11. If I was to get work done via RaceWorks, I'm sure I'd be extremely happy! Do I get a free tee Shirt Rob?
  12. Who is gonna make the awesome curries if he has shot them all?
  13. but aren't those pads low end 'racing' pads?. I'd have thought better rotors should go with those pads.. (or lesser pads with your rotors)