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  1. Definitely got Evo7-9 (which also fits the earlier Evo's too) and EvoX on the shelf ad ready to ship.
  2. It's a pretty close option - is it a factory motor or a built one?
  3. Pretty sure I've had a couple of customers run them on the earlier cars - the only difference might be in the mounting bracket but I don't think it'd be a drama to make it work. If you're in Melbourne feel free to cruise past and check one out (I'll have a chance to check out a friends Evo6 on Tuesday as well so I'll see how it goes)
  4. Unfortunately no - the options are 5W30, 10W40 (what I usually keep in stock) and 20W50 on the Royal Purple engine oil.
  5. I've got one left I can do for $125. And thanks for the pic Ruzty - looks very nice!
  6. Got them on the shelf (although they're moving out the door scarily fast....) Good question re the max boost but I've got customers running 22-24psi through them without issue.
  7. We've just taken delivery on a couple more of these gorgeous manifolds, and with the healthy dollar at the moment they've dropped in price down to $950. Get in quick!
  8. We've just had another carton of Royal Purple land in the store - excellent oil and very popular with the Evo guys!
  9. We've got one of these left in stock and to clear the shelves as a one off offer we're going to let this dash pod go for $140. Awesome fit and finish, and way below cost - get in quick as this one won't last!
  10. We've just got two more of these sexy puppies in stock and we're letting them go for the crazy price of $125 each. Get in quick because at this price they're not going to hang around long!
  11. Correct, plug in, run some hoses and tune to suit. I'm out of stock on the Evo ones currently but we've got a bunch more on the way and should be here very soon.
  12. We've been getting some great results from these units and they're ideal if you're running a reflash tune or aftermarket ecu running factory boost setup.
  13. I think I might have one or two Evo ones left in stock at the moment - if we do I can have it out for you overnight. (we're not officially back from holidays till Monday but i have a few things i need to do in the store tomorrow)