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  1. Yeah ~4k for peak boost is normal Tim. Pull 200 off that for Mivec. I did another 712 on a Mak today. 305wkw at 27psi through a Hi-Power silent exhaust which wasn't helping things. Graph to come shortly.
  2. If staying on 98 you need to get your modifications on point as its all about efficiency to make power on this fuel. The best 98 results i've gotten from a 762 had the following setup. - 2.3 stroker - 4inch MAFless intake - Invidia dump, TXS front pipe, decat, 3.5inch cat-back. - ETS 3.5inch cooler. - GSC R2 cams. - Car had factory sized valves, throttle, intake manifold, exhaust manifold. Made ~280wkw on 98 from memory at 25psi.
  3. More GTP762 results... - 2.3L 9:1 CR motor, standard head and valves. - Standard exhaust manifold, inlet manifold and throttle body. - GSC R2 cams. - ETS 3.5inch cooler, custom piping. - Invidia dump, TurboXS front pipe, decat and 3.5inch cat-back exhaust. - 4inch intake pipe. - MAFless SD tune.
  4. Can confirm the fitment of the box is excellent. Finish of the mould is very good also.
  5. More 762 results. - Manley billet 2.2 - Ported head - GSC S2's - Stock manifolds Stopped at this boost as it needs better venting of the rocker cover.
  6. If you like mid-top end charge it works great on a 2L. You need to run Ethanol though.
  7. Another nice 762 setup. - Stock block Evo 8 w/studs - GSC S2 cam, spring and retainer kit - GTP762 turbo, 84mm silicon intake - Plazmaman outlet and LICP kit - Invidia dump, unknown Japanese dump, metal cat, Jasma 2.8inch catback. - Fuel system to suit. 98 tune at 25psi E-Flex tune at 28psi
  8. More GTP762 results. Preliminarly tune for this car, making a few small changes to the setup and re-tuning with more boost later in the week. 2.3, E-flex,M2 cams, 32psi peak dropping to 28psi.
  9. More results. 2.4, all supporting mods. Making ~30psi by ~3850 in 3rd.
  10. More results. Stock block 6 - TXS exhaust - Meek intake kit - HDI cooler kit - 1050's / Walbro - 3-port - 98 tune on ~24psi. - E-flex tune on ~24.5psi, ramping up to 27psi Needs cams badly. Car made only 7wkw gain in 3psi over 24, ramp up was mainly torque related.
  11. Correct. Makes 20psi by ~4k, with unknown cams etc. Tuning another on a stock block with stock cams next week, see how different the cams make it.
  12. Ok...762 now on E-flex. Pretty much the same boost as the 98 tune to give an indication of back to back results.
  13. Some results on a pretty standard style build. - GTP762 turbo - Manifold - Cams - injectors, pump, 3-port - 98 tune at ~25psi peak, 24.5psi taper. - Makes 20.5psi at 4200rpm in 3rd, 3900rpm in 4th, the big push happens high 4's and its doesn't back off until the limiter at 8k. Great turbo, nice whistle on spool, monster mid-top end considering its just on 98 atm. Gave it back to the customer for two weeks to see if he can break it, will be re-tuning on ethanol next week.
  14. Nice Mark. Does this fit with your/Meeks enlarged outlet? I've read about a few issues with the MAP turbos, these gates and your outlet.
  15. Same here. VERY impressive response and figures for boost pressure!
  16. Well done Ivan, killing it. Waiting on price and weight too, any chance of a rear boot brace to box the boot up as well?