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  1. Ivan any chance you can do a sub-version that is just the master cylinder brake stopper, no bar?
  2. Nice gear Ivan - really appreciated the new wipers with the heavy rain over last few days, just in time....
  3. thread tidied - facts sell themselves
  4. John - forum policy:, all used rotors for sale must have accurate thicknessess published in the for sale thread please measure them up ASAP if you wish to have them listed for sale.
  5. Just installed mine today - feels much lower that I had expected. Plus is you can really feel what the car is doing, down side is you now need to imagine where the bonnnet ends. Harness - my inner eyelet is fitted to the tunnel wall not the seat - clears just fine. Seat slide adjustment handle - it still locks just fine, I didn't need to bend it. Installation - take the seats out and loosely fit the brackets, tighten the bolts only once the seat is back in the car and you are sure you have it right. Nice mod - thanks Resart
  6. I had the same problem as Pete fitting my front whiteline sway (didn't know he had been though it) - a mishaped bar couldn't be fitted, to WL's credit they got another to me the next day but the car was taking up a (busy) mechanic's hoist for an extra day. The rear sway fitted first go but I found a few months later was fouling a drive shaft and also had to be replaced. Regardless, I've never heard anyone question Mark's product quality or ethic of service, nor has anyone said JDM/ADM or USDM products are categorically better in all things - that discussion is a distraction from this thread's purpose: Discussing an Australian-developed 20G for evos - one that an awful lot of people rate highly for street and track applications On that note - Mark, if you'd like the thread cleaned up (refocussed) we can split the less relevant discussion off into another area.
  7. Folks please avoid unecessary moralistic or opinionated comment on this matter - as it is being addressed appropriately by the vendor. It is clear that Ivan is working hard to keep his customers informed and to meet his professional obligations by doing everything that could be resonably be expected of him as a Vendor to rectify the situation. It is an excellent outcome that the problem with this product has been identified however note that Ivan has dealt in good faith and has apparently been let down by his supplier, as much as everyone else. If the issue is not resolved satisfactorily then by all means post as a customer - but after you have discussed any concerns with the vendor, pm would be a suitable medium. The mod team will continue keep an eye on developments to ensure the interests of both the members and the vendor are met.
  8. 4 months without prices - is unacceptable, topic locked
  9. Idle curiosity here - are these cast, spun or (less likely) forged?
  10. Cheers Mark, I'm across the application for higher boost, but is the improvement torque, power.... something else?
  11. Mark an honest question here: do you have any empirical results - what is the demonstrated benefit?
  12. Hi Resart - nice work here, How long will you be running the offer? Cheers G
  13. Yep fair enough there's been plenty of solid engineering based debate here - tech thread started. http://www.evolutionoz.net/forum/phpBB2/vi...p=186958#186958 Last observations then its up to the buyer to do their research - from the Unorthodox company: "The elastomer in the OEM pulley serves as an isolator, which is there to suppress natural vibration and noise from the engine itself, the A/C compressor, P/S pump, and alternator. This is what the manufacturers call NVH (Noise Vibration & Harshness) when referring to noticeable noise and vibration in the passenger compartment. It is important to note in these applications, the elastomer is inadequate in size and durability to act as an effective torsional damper". Unorthodox confirm what was said previously in the thread - removing the damper in the pulley will lead to greater transmission of vibration from and probably more importantly to the crank and its rotating assemblies. They go on to say the aftermarket item adds no extra noise in the cabin, but do not address the fact that additional vibration is transmitted directly back to the crank and belt driven assemblies, not the chassis. Audible noise is not necessarily the same as mechanical vibration either... "Again, there is a lot of internet hearsay about crank pulleys. When engine problems occur, too often people are quick to blame the pulley first, rather than taking the time to look logically into why there was a problem. We hope that after reading this you will understand the crank pulleys better." This doesn't read like a guarantee that problems won't occur, they've edged around the issue. Pretty safe to defend the above in court as not being a guarantee.
  14. Possibly be-labouring the point, its important we distinguish the mechanics of this discussion: - the pulley is attached to a balance shaft that is designed to cancel out (most) of the harmonic vibration of the crank shaft. The weight of the pulley will absorb/deaden/attenuate/dampen a fraction of the vibration passed to it from the engine's operation but it is rubber mounting between the shaft and pulley that is the major contributer to preventing the transmission of vibration through the pulley <edit - to and from the alternator, powersteering pump etc>. Delete the rubber and that efficiently vibration is passed on through the system. - lightening the pulley also reduces the angular momentum of the shaft and hence spins more easily. (less rotational inertia - as per lighter rims). - the gear box flywheel exists to maintain the rotation momentum of the drive train (to keep it spinning in between gear changes), it has no damping role, its not there to reduce vibration. Lightening the flywheel is similar in concept to changing the pulley in that it will permit the shaft to which it is attached to accelerate/decellerate more quickly, but that is where the simularity ends. Lets be clear that flywheel have nothing to do with vibration damping - note that if a flywheel isn't in itself balanced things will fall apart very quickly but that rule applies to any spinning object. In contrast the balance shaft pulley is designed to have maximum damping effect. Engineers don't add an expensive-to-manufacture weak point like a rubber hub in a pulley unless its really needed. How serious an issue swapping the oem for aftermarket pulley is, is open for healthy debate, but lets get the fundamental concepts clear.
  15. ^ in this case less mass means less ability to counter vibrations and (no damping) in the case of the after market item. I was gifted a billet Aluminium pulley a few years ago. My mechanic offered the the same advice as above, for street use this change is a risk. I think the facts are there to be judged, Ivan we have to ensure members understand the risk, it is the central function of the forum. If a warranty against the above described damage was offered I think the critics would be silent....
  16. I think they are trying to see if 20 Pugs can actually get the dyno rollers to turn at all. :roll: pugs, oh I feel soiled......
  17. these turbos are immensely capable, to give an idea of how fast they spool with a bit of work adjusting the ebc, 1.75bar at 2700rpm in 5th possibly even better. That is just scary :shock: Not that at I run that sort of boost every day.....
  18. Thats pretty amazing, can't be a cheap bit of gear....
  19. Guys I'm pretty much at the end of the mods list (just a flash to go, and maybe the the compressor short pipe (nice work there!). Can you please expand on the various map configurations available, particular for cars that are already setup with headers, various cam combos, zorst intake etc. How well can you match your various standardised maps maps to vehicles with varying mods? In short, are you guys offering just prefab loads, or can you go vehicle specific, or a hybrid mix of maps to approximately match an existing setup? Cheers and again, congrats on the launch. G
  20. I think I'll pipe up for credit where its due - this is a great product, kinda wish there were fewer on offer I jagged one of the turbos early and in my opinion for the money they are a rare bargain, the result is sensational. The car pulls like a freight train right through to red line (feels more lke a v8 in terms of breadth of torque)- once on boost torque is plentiful right through to the rev limitter. I'm yet to optimise the EBC for the new setup but its running 1.7bar easy (and has happily gone quite bit higher if you let it :shock: ). I'm still a little sheepish about holding WOT for more than a few seconds - you'd be hard pressed to get a better bang for buck.